College ruiser (Arbor Rally revival)

Arbor Rally is back… I love this deck, so decided to have some fun inspired by @longhairedboy’s teenager who put speakers in his badass massive deck.

So this was a mix of things I already had laying around, but is version 1.1 of my compact board that will eventually come to college with me just around the corner. -6s4p made of space cell lg cells -ollinboards VESC -tb 230kv motor -tb mount -caliber rear hanger, bear baseplate, bear front truck (I told you I already had this stuff laying around right?) -78a abec 11 flywheels that have seen their fair share of roads…

  • @RunPlayBack case that was chopped in half and cut down to fit the rally’s small wheelbase

now for the fun stuff… I took an old shitty bluetooth speaker, and gutted it. Got rid of the stock speakers, and pulley some odd rectange ones out of a broken flatscreen someone threw out.

The new speakers sound WAY better than the normal ones…

here are some pics, and I’ll try to get a video of the speaker up here at some point… it’s downward facing, but honestly doesn’t make that much of a difference due to how loud it can get- and it’s freakin wireless!!! The speaker has its own dedicated led, power/pair button, and battery… I will try to integrate the battery at some point but don’t know how to do it without draining cell bank 1 more than the others…

not done, there is still a usb cable for charging the speakers just hanging out the side… but you get the idea


Haha the ideas here are sooo good :smiley:

Provide us with a video how that sounds!

Who needs FOC when you got speakers to drown out the motor noise? :wink:

You can use a dc/dc step down converter and hook it up to the main battery leads to power the speakers. Should be pretty cheap on ebay.

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sweet, that sounds like the perfect idea, thanks!

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sick deck; can’t wait to finish my cruiser; just need… time !

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I have updated the board to include a voltage stepdown (working great!!) for the speakers, and have used a 9 pin aviation connector for the 6s4p charging: the whole thing is way cleaner now, and I have a great remote thanks to @JLabs

also some shred lights of course :wink:


Looks awesome man! Nice job! I’ve got some builds I need to post on here soon. I seem to always make the thread months before the build is finished haha

Can you link the voltage stepdown you used? :slight_smile:

here you go!

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Thank you! Can I ask you how you connected it? Do you have schematics or something like that?

it just has a positive in/out, and a negative in/out; that simple!

and there is a screw driver knob on top that changes the voltage- just hook up a multimeter and dial it in to the voltage you want.