Colossal / 8072 - 210kv / 10s3p / Abec 11 Flywheel 107mm

Just thought I’d share my latest build. I wanted to build something that was a little from the norm. The build consists of 36" Jet Potato board, 8072 - 220kv motor, Ebay modified pulleys 40:24 ratio, Psychotiller trucks and enclosure, group buy 10s3p battery, Abec 11 107mm, Drok voltage display, TB 12s esc, custom motor mount, and HK-GT2B Master Cho mod. The only thing missing is to still apply grip tape and make a tail guard. Board weighs 22.3lbs.

Haven’t rode the board yet. Somewhat scared of what this board can do.


that’s AWESOME! What pulleys did you use and modify? I have a set of E-Flywheels and only gear i know is the 3d printed gears. Would love 15mm gear option in aluminum.

Ride this beast and let us know!

Wow!!! This thing is the shit!! Only thing missing to make it more insane is 12s action :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Very cool!

That first picture reminds me of the @RunPlayBack Jet spud build. Nice job though man, that looks great!

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I have to admit having access to a drill press is essential for modifying the pulley. The pulleys I used you can find on ebay. Just type in htd 5m. There’s really only one that I found on ebay that you can really use and that’s the 40t one. With the pulley you’ll have to enlarge the center bore (for bearing removal) and drill / tap for mounting. And obviously a spacer will be needed to take up the off set of these wheels to mount this pulley. I made mine from aluminum stock.

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Perhaps in the future :smiley:. Would need more real estate for 12s. The specs on this motor on 12s would produce 4200w.

Like it so much! How is it to ride that beast? :boom: Share a video or new photos please

that’s one big ass motor!

that thing is savage looking… def want to c it in action