Comments on the Basen 26650 cells

I would like to know how good the Basen 26650 and is it really 40 amps max continuous. Deciding to go from 10S5P to 12S2P to drop weight of the whole setup.

Mooch tested them and did not rate them at 40a continuous I made a 10s2p pack with them and got really good range on flat ground at moderate speeds. But when climbing steep hills the voltage sag was too much and the range was reduced more than 50%.

Guys, been thinking of using these Basens for a while. Looking to make a 12S4P pack. Do you think the voltage sag will be bad on this setup. Also, where did you guys get your Basens from. Read a bit about rewraps and such. I just want to make sure I get genuine cells

I’m building an 8s4p with cells from them (they are in route right now).

Thanks bro. Keep me posted how they perform for you. Really curious as too whether there will be much voltage sag on having them in 4P, as i think , they have only been tested to 2P on builds here.

Just done some math, and correct me if im wrong but 12S4P with these would mean 799Wh :slight_smile: 8S4P would be: 532Wh

I got my Basens from My pack was only 10s2p I think a 12s4p might perform much better but it’s gonna be a big heavy battery.

I had them as a 6s1p and the voltage sag wasn’t unbearable. At 4p you’ll be absolutely fine

My 10s2p sagged excessively going up hills and cut my range more than in half. I can’t imagine how your 6s1p didn’t sag too much unless you weigh 120 lbs or less and only ride on flat ground.

A 6s1p would only have a max output of 30a and I have tested current draw at 6s going up hill and it was around 36a

140 and the biggest hill I went up was my driveway so yes you’re right. I was running 100mm wheels and a 16:36 on 190kv. Either way the 6s1p batteries were sufficient to get me around to where I needed to be. When I ran two of them in series for 12s that thing really moved…

I should have mentioned that when I ran my tests I was about 185 lbs and the hill I tested on is about a 10% grade. The difference of 45 lbs even on flat ground is huge. And your probably not pulling more than half the amps that I was.

@Namasaki what motors or setup was you using bro. And ye, its gonna be a big heavy build, but its going to be my range build where i can just ride, without worrying about anything. Looking to put it on a Trampa Street carver, with vertigo trucks, and 1 Enertion RSPEC 6374 , With Kegels. How you think this is going to perform.

Did you guys solder your packs, if so, what they like to solder. I dont want to get a spot welder, as honestly, will probs only be used once, or a couple of times.

Im got an idea in mind for my pack, but not sure if it will be sufficient. I will post a pick of a drawing layout, Tell me what you think if you can.

Also, what difference in performance would i get if I chose to go 10s rather than 12s, would this make a difference in regards to Voltage Sag

Higher voltage makes a difference in voltage sag and range just like higher capacity does because with higher voltage, you draw less amps to produce the same wattage. Higher voltage also increases acceleration and top speed.