Commercial Deck Choice?

Hey esk8!

I’m still looking for a deck to use for my build! I’ve seen there needs to be adequate clearance, and the goal is to shoot for 38" length or lower - what commercial decks do you guys prefer? I’m looking at building mine for getting around the city/campus, so definitely a cruiser - here’s what I’ve gathered so far! Trying to get a deck around $100.

Enertion’s mono drive motor kit Turnigy 6364 245 kV motor 2x 3S 5000 mAh 30C Batteries Enertion VESC iMax B6 Charger Anti-spark Plugs Parallel Charging Board (close to 180 lb. rider)

Bustin EQ Hollowcore

@chinzw it looks awesome! It looks like its unfortunately sold out though - I’d definitely want to get this board

that’s a shame, it rides beautifull

Have you looked at customskateboards? Super cheap decks.

@michaeld33 I saw some of their products - its nice to see there’s a good budget range, trying to see if I can find any commercial longboards specifically though, cheaper the better for sure!

Never Summer El Jefe!

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I got a Jet Vulcan recently after switching from a cruiser board. At 37,7 Inch it’s a decently big board but I’m happy with it :stuck_out_tongue:

The beauty of DIY is your ability to electrify any board you like. Some are more challenging - like flexy decks (split batteries and electronics to front and back - middle free to flex), and drop decks (might not be able to use Enertion mount if doesn’t adjust enough to clear - DIYes and ADS both fully adjustable).

I’d also check out the deck inspiration thread for ones that look good to you and gives you a buildout to start with.

some reading, but it’ll give you a good place to start.

And asking what’s the best deck is like asking if you prefer blondes or redheads. And we all know redheads are F%@#ing crazy! hehehe.


I like pirates. Argh! Skate the plank ye lipo bellied land surfer!