Common port BMS, charge whilst everything connected?

I got a common port Daly BMS and am not sure if that was a bad move… If i solder in second connector for charging as diagrammed below, will it be safe to charge whilst the VESC is connected to the battery? VESC 6.6 so I guess it’s sort of always on, right?

I want to take advantage of the push to start and not have a power button (and the VESC will be hidden in the enclosure), so kinda hoping that once everything is in there, the only interactions outside of the enclosure are with the motor wires and the charging port.

Looks similar to a regular bms from daly. The set up is the same. Im not sure on how common port works though. Maybe the p- is used as discharged now?

Should have said: it is a Daly BMS.

I meant that both the common and regular bms are no different. Save for P-

The diagram looks fine.

Edit: after finding out how common ports works, its definitely fine.

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So did that wiring work? My battery pack has a common port ESC and I´m also worried about the charger being directly wired to the VESC