Communicating with VESC using I2C


I’m looking to controll a VESC through I2C with Arduino for now and I just can’t find the I2C format protocol to communicate with it and or send a receive data like battery voltage and setting the power throttle.

Does anyone has an arduino library to do that or know what is the format?

Thanks in advance for helping!

This is what you want:

I said I2C not UART

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Me too - did you ever figure this out?

(I tried to find it in the source code, but I2C is everywhere so I couldn’t work out where to look)

I want this too, but the VESC isn’t capable of I2C so you would need an UART to I2C converter, probably with a microcontroller.

This would also make UART multiplexing sort of possible as multiple slaves are possible on the I2C bus.