Community Survey: Watt-Hours per Mile on Your Configuration (Real-Time Update Graph Linked Inside..)

Good Evening Everybody

Inspired by @Trdolan03’s Average Wh/mi Post here, I created a survey form to compile more comprehensive data on people’s setups and what range we get with various setups. Trdolan03 graciously linked to the submission form in his original post, but I also wanted to make another post to get a bit more attention, so this doesn’t get buried in comments.

Here’s the link to the survey…

And here are the live compiled results so far, click on the Initial Data Analysis tab for the interactive graph of stats.

I am winding down editing the output, the graph in the results link automatically updates with information anyone submits to the form. Keep in mind, if you are running a dual, triple, or quad config, the battery max and wattage limits will double, triple or quadruple automatically for you… so just input your VESC settings as you set them up per individual vesc.

Anyways, for those of you that participate, thanks! I am doing this out of curiosity and for everyone else out there that wants to see all this data plotted on a graph next to wh/mi.

Here’s a static image of the graph at this point… but hopefully we can make it much better with more input :slight_smile: I am also open to suggestions for how to better format the data that comes in, this is a work in progress.

This photo below should update automatically as stats come in, but it’s not interactive… follow the link above for that. Preview