Community wheel poll

So let’s talk about wheels. If there was a wheel developed by the community for the community what would you want? Just a rough summary at the moment. Details can be worked out later, just give us an idea


  • ABEC
  • Kegel
  • Other

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  • 85mm
  • 90mm
  • 97mm
  • 107mm
  • Other

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  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Grey
  • White
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Other

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If you choose other please let us know here what it is

Dammit, i want 110 or so. Hard to go back down. And Boa has the 90/100s covered, no?

And TB with their 110…



Why not 120mm bigger is always better right lol. I feel like 110+ it would start to feel like riding in an old caddy

I know where we can get 90mm black wheels in the sweetest thane this side of the Pecos!


110mm wheel, kegel core the same color as the road dust that covers your wheel cores after you ride them. So, like dark grey-ish. Wheel itself some neon color.


No offence to @Hummie at all but after the discussions in the other post I feel we’d need to cut him out of any community wheel we develop.

It’s clear people want a bigger wheel. Thoughts @Hummie ?

We are actually working on a 76mm wheel, ride is surprisingly forgiving too.


What type of terrain is that out of interest? I’d need some serious convincing that 76mm would work where I live but I suppose it’s being developed for the middle ground.

I ride on really rough roads, I might be on these during the Barrett Junction event in socal too. That road is like a jigsaw puzzle. Ride quality has a lot to do with how pliant the lip of the wheel is. Going for more of a race wheel than anything else though so keep that in mind.

I appreciate that. Be interesting to see the results. Let a bunch of people try them out if you can for feedback here.

Exactly. Popocas are my favorite thane but a little smaller for some of the roads I have around here.


To each there own but I feel a long wheel is ideal in it smoothening the ride and keeping low and lots of traction.


My issue out of interest is pavement transitions, debris from trees and actual holes.

I live in England, I ride over some pavements that are quite literally older than the American constitution :smiley: I rode 90mm wheels for a while and felt unsafe at anything above a crawl on any road I didn’t know well enough to anticipate. On 107 I don’t really think about it, just keep an eye out and go.


Yeah I get that, big wheels are nice for lower speed riding. I tend to blast through everything so wheel size plays less of a role.


110mm Popocas. That is what I want.


8359c685be6aa3e23fc1d57c23eea10d3f62902d_1_375x500 Other, other, and black

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There is the hole right there if you ask me. Better core design. Non chunking. My Popocas have been through a world of shit and they are still prestine.

My 107s are chunked to hell in 50 mile, all the while gluing all the cuts.

110mm Popocas… Abec who?


I appreciate that. Be interesting to see the results. Let a bunch of people try them out if you can for feedback here.

Admittedly, the 76mm wheels are more to get DH riders into the idea of racing on electric. Low and quick on acceleration. A good analogy would be a cafe racer vs a full dresser. But we always get a few blems that we give away when we have wheels made. Be happy to send those to a few people!


I think the whole point of this thread is to cut ABEC out of the supply chain, no hard feelings but they are pretty fucking expensive and Chris doesn’t seem want to make them.

REALLY strange business model.