Community wheel poll

I have heard mixed things about the ride quality on these.

I am an active member in the ATM (anti-trampa-mafia) so those aren’t an option for me anyway. :grin::joy:

I do have a set of the Moe Stooge Street wheels on order I am VERY eager to try out.


I would love to do a smaller build with the 76s though as well. Different purpose.


I was against Trampa for a long time after the VESC debate, but eventually one gets tired of low quality MBS parts and I wanted hubs that could work with urethane and pneumatics alike. So far I’m impressed just with the looks, we’ll see what happens when I take them to SF for a ride.


Yup, I have a special build in mind for my little dude using 76mm.


I’m really liking the idea of 76mm wheels with maybe a 32t pulley. Super slides at 25 mph sounds fuggin FUN!


Thats one of the things I was thinking. And a smaller “stroller pusher” board.


After runing 107mm, 97mm and 8" pneumatics, runing 85mm Caguamas is very rewarding, I don’t know it might be the variety but smaller wheels have a nice appeal for me a the moment because of:

Soft compound 77A Make esk8s really light Quick acceleration with a small light battery 2:1 reduction possible with plenty of final speed Easy to mall grab it, convenient Very close to the ground A lot of decks to choose from The esk8 looks awesome No wheelbite at all even with no risers and loose carvy trucks The smaller the wheel the wider they look, wider wheels looks amazing

All in all, I’d like to see a 85mm kegel type of wheel in orange with a 77A compound, that won’t chunk, offsetted but with a wider contact patch wider than Caguamas, wider wheels at the back and narrower at the front like a RWD BMW.

Can someone do that? They would be super sellers


I’m really liking the idea of 76mm wheels with maybe a 32t pulley. Super slides at 25 mph sounds fuggin FUN!

That’s what I’m thinking too! Not sure what color yet but white has always been a favorite for the DH crew. Here is the current sample with 32 tooth pulleys



For the core, I’m not sure if you mean that as the mounting option for wheel drive, or like the actual wheel core.

For Actual wheel core design, I’d look at the stuff Seismic has been putting out. They’ve been making some really great wheel cores lately.

but it would be so much better to be able to use existing pulleys, all of those which are readily available are flywheel or kegel core based.

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I would definitely run those, ut I gotta say I absolutely hate white wheels. They look like crap in minutes. I would suggest red, purple or black, but that’s just me.

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So so far people want

Black 107mm ABEC core

:joy: Literally that wheel is already available albeit at a premium price.


Well if its a custom wheel, it can be whatever you want right? The two aren’t married together anymore.

You can keep the ABEC style cutouts, and Speed Vent style core if you want.

Made a 150mm hanger powered DH trainer on 76mm. Origional idea was to power up the hill/ unlock the idler and gravity the hill. the motor gear setup didn’t take away much from the gravity ride even locked in IMG_20180624_165928083 IMG_20180623_130202620_HDR


People say they want a giant wheel but then at least half the boards out there will be causing wheelbite.

I have 107mm wheels on a shortboard without cutouts with no wheel bite. “Wheel bite” is a excuse put forth by those who favor smaller wheels. You can always add a tiny riser which really doesn’t affect much – if you’re not kick-pushing, it doesn’t matter how far away the ground is.

The facts are some folks prefer small wheels – and that’s fine, there are no reasons to make excuses.

But most prefer larger ones.


A low center of gravity has other benefits besides pushing. A 107mm wheel with low trucks and no riser often won’t fit. Low to the ground is a common appeal.

I would love some 90mm sleves for hummie hubs :smile:


Might go blue or purple. I don’t wanna side rail this thread though, we are making these wheels already but I definitely welcome feedback on the color we choose.


When will you have these 76mm ready I want some with your ronin katana set up I was planning a Christmas present to myself will they be available soon