Community wheel poll

One they can get literally right now

Alot of this seems to stem from people thinking ABEC wheels aren’t available right now anywhere which is far from the truth…

Along with it comes with the Wallmart/Amazon mentality that @mmaner mentions frequently and that I’m beginning to understand.

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Probably not until February or March. Most of our funds or being spent on building more presses for our decks right now. As soon as that is done we will will be getting the new wheels into production.


Can we please get a 200 mm urithane wheel with harfang cutouts?



Awesome thank you. so happy to hear I can get smaller wheel for your katanas sooner then later cheers

Lol I have 73mm wheels atm haha, I feel every obstacle on the road…

It’s more a long term issue, we’ve seen absolute droughts for these wheels for months at a time. We’re being charged through the asshole for them as well.

The Poll is loaded too, those sizes are all currently available, I know there’s an “other” option but most people will just select one they know, that one clearly being the biggest. If there was a 110 option I am willing to bet it would be the highest selected.

All of this, mixed with the ABEC website being down for over a year (and more before that), zero real contact with Chris and this crap that @JLabs is going through with the spud decks makes me not want to give ABEC any of my money.

A less expensive, big, black wheel sourced by our community and available when we need it? Yes please.


I picked “other” because 110 was missing

Having a lot of people here all chipping in to get it done and then we get these wheels at wholesale would be awesome and simple in that we own it, we get for wholesale when we raise the bucks for a production level pour (500) and the option to sell the wheels or even the stake in the biz (molds). Been a really cool use of the forum directLu for us Skip the middle

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So much urethane… If you guys want I can see what it will take to get this off the ground. With enough interested I bet we could make these available at much lower price than what is currently available in this size range. Let me know and I will start making some calls.


But if we want to go in on community ownership of molds and what that gives us hit me up w the dm or let’s figure it here. This would be easy for us and seems we’re like 1/3 there already! That would be fun and a new thing. Just have to agree on size. 92mm x 80mm! Any color centerset.


What duro are you talking about here Hummie?

Standard 80 r 77. Whatever that really means

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I see, hopefully you guys get them at a good price. At the very least, ensure it’s not Evolve’s formula/edition.

Imagine it works out, we source a great wheel with a solid core that feels good underfoot. Then we can do another one in a popular smaller/bigger size (depending on how this goes).

If anything @Hummie has a point, it’ll be awesome just to watch it actually happen.

Isn’t rolling resistance huge with 80mm contact patch? Also what axle will they fit if they are so wide? The wheel people want to make has to fit into standard 37mm axle lenght

@brenternet the poll is not loaded I just couldn’t list every size. I did say if you picked other please say what it would be and there hasn’t been a load of people saying 110mm - only 6% chose other and half chose sizes under 107mm so its not as clear cut as you say.

For what its worth I also think a 110mm wheel would be awesome, not sure about black but happy to have black. 500 Wheels is only 125 sets. It would be possible to sell those I think…

Im deffo down to do something

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It’s not a criticism Lee, poll is fine mate. Just wanted to clear up that people will likely choose sizes they know.

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Sorry dude I didn’t mean to come across grumpy!

If this poll shows anything, perhaps it shows that it would be difficult to please everyone I guess.

For me I would love some big soft wheels in yellow but then I am weird so…

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We’ll be having a pre-order for 110mm Black w/ Black Kegel Cores, Made in the USA. The pre-order will be a significant price break from original price. We’ll post soon. :laughing::+1: