Commuter Question

For those who use their boards for commuting to the office, what do you do when it’s raining? Do you take another mode of transportation or do you just say “f**k it” and brave the rain? Do you have a “rain proof” outfit that you wear?

I go with car, cuz not only it is bad for your board because it is wood , even if ur water proof it. it will rust too. And No matter how careful i always wet my shoes socks pants shirts and so on. So no snowy day, no rainy day. try to avoid

Uber since I have no license :joy: That’s what I do since I use my board to commute to work everyday. My job is 8.2 miles one way so 14.4 miles I do everyday M-F


Car or public transportation saith the board because I always hope the whether will change before I come back :grin:

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I always carry a lightweight rain jacket with me in case it starts to rain while I’m out so I have something to cover my board too and then either walk the rest of the way or catch an uber.

Light rain =ESK8 Hard rain=car i waterproof my boards because i left home on a Sunny day and came back under the rain a few times.

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