Compability Check: Ecomobl ET || Spintend 75V | 200A Ubox || 12s4p 30q

In this build I want to mod the hell out of an Ecomobl ET.

The reason why I chose this board is because of their planetary motors,

kinda in between hub motors and dd. It has a gear ratio of 4.5:1 with 155mm wheels, I was also told that the motor is 190kv and the cont amp they gave me was ~50amp, but I’ll confirm that out with vesc tool when it gets here.

Battery: I am planning on using a V1 Torqueboard 12s4p 30q pack, I am rewiring it to bypass discharge following @b624 wiring diagram to run it at the sweet 60A output, waiting on amazon to deliver xt90’s so I can make that loop key.

esc: Spintend U-box 74v/200A vesc based esc

This is my first time building a board to this spec, I imagine it would be a pretty simple process wiring everything up when it gets here. Right? What kind of torque am I expecting with these components? Would this be in competition torque and speed wise to a build?


Fuck yeaah project sounds dope!!

First person I’ve seen trying to seriously mod this drivetrain.

bro i read up all your shit in research, glad that you like it!

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the 12S4P 30Q and Ubox should be good for a test you might need a bigger pack because you are pretty much at the min for amps on a heavy ass board ;ike dat.

im taking out their chonky metal enclosure, and their 50e cells are significantly heavier too, so I think I am already saving alot of weight with those two, I could only dream of a 12s8p given the dimensions fit! but my wallet would be screaming

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yes please take your time wiring it all and let us know (take a video!) of the performance/range

Got it! I can overlay video with Bluetooth vesc data too, let’s see what this drivetrain is capable of!

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Got more info from Richard, he claims that the motor is safe up to 60A now, again will confirm with Vesc Tool. Now I am thinking that this might be a 6374 competitor? we’ll see. I asked him about the lack of info on 6366 outrunners, he told me that they build it in house.

Side note about weight: He also claimed that their metal enclosure is a whopping 13.3 pounds with their 50e and esc. My components + enclosure so far is weighing in at 8 pounds~. Also I only weigh 135lbs, I think weight is no longer a concern!

I am optimistic that this is going to beat a Kaly2.0 and Raptor 2.1 in torque and speed

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For sure possible you could have them off the line but I really doubt you even want to push more than 30mph on that thing.

yeah the total weight I am interested to find out!

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tbh it does not look too bad stability wise after you get real bushings.

Kinda questionable if the small planetary gear drive is really up for high speed prolonged use was most of my concern I guess.

hmm interesting

For the planetary gear drive to sustain these high speeds, they make you grease the hell out of the gears every 2 months, I would probably do it every month and a half, which is very similar to how I treat my road bikes anyways. As for the gears themselves, the carrier gear has recently been modded to bearings from brass inserts, so at least they got that going (no pun intended)

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also no way in hell I’m submerging my motor :smiley: I swear I see rust in that video

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I have done quite extensive research about what planetary gears are, exactly what their pros and cons are, and really dug into applications in automobiles where they were used. Found a lot of traces dating back to WW2 tanks, and sometimes in helicopters, of course the ones in helicopters are not inline and they have like 10 gears in there. But the one in tanks are the exact same mechanics where the annular gear is fixed and the sun gear is driven.

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I was unsatisfied with the numbers I was going to generate, I did a based calculation estimate of wh/km and it was looking like 25wh/km+, meaning that my pack was going to give me a mere 14Miles. Talked to Richard, and he is willing to make me a larger motor from 63mm to 72mm, the wheel size would be 200mm, 170kv instead of 190kv, gearing is still 4.5:1, so now the top speed is increased from ~30mph to 36mph~, the pack I am going to use instead would be a 12s5p 40t. The range I am estimating is now also 20miles+. I will start a new build thread when everything is ordered and confirmed! Now it should be higher in torque and top speed in comparison to a raptor 2.1 and, I can live with that :smiley:

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also, I’m pushing richard to help me design a planetary gear ratio of 1:10 for some massive sss inrunners! More torque!

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