Compact 10s1p single hub e skate - help with hub motor choices

Hello E Skaters! Im planing to join your community by building my own e skate :slight_smile: Based on my research so far, i decided that a single hub e skate would be sufficient for me, because i want to keep the price relatively low and only want to drive up to 25 km/h, also I only want the board to assist me and i will still keep pushing as long as im not to exhausted.

I want to use the Molicell INR18650 p26A Liion Batteries, they can provide up to 30a but are better suited for something around 20. (Test of Molicel INR18650-P26A 2600mAh (Gray)) here a Link of them being tested I read that the flipsky vescs are pretty decent regarding quality and bought an flipsky fsesc 6.7

Im a bit unsure about the motor though

I have those axles lying around,

they are pretty low profile and i thougt of something like the 70mm maytech hub motor, but the shipping costs from maytech are really high. I found quite similar ones on aliexpress ( what do you think ist there a difference? Did you have any experinces with those hub motors

I would also love to use some better quality hubs but the problem with something like meepo hubs ist that they need an extra axle and a motor on each side, or is there an adapter for ataching only one motor and a wheel on this axle? (rear TRUCK axle for shuffle s / shuffle s er / mini 2s / mini 2s er – Meepo Board) Sadly i cant find much other options for a single hub setup

It would be nice if I could get some opinions and ideas from you, because I really cant decide whats the best at the moment.

Thank you

You’d probably be better off doing a satellite motor setup and not a hub motor. Especially as an analog skater, having four longboard wheels is superior to having three longboard wheels. But also, hub motors have terrible servicablility. And, most of the higher quality ones are all going to be dual motor setups, so you will likely be stuck a cheap low quality one.

Hmm, okay, could you please further explain a satellite motor setup ? Is it a belt driven system ? wouldnt it take more effort to push then with hub motors ?

It’s anything except a hub motor or direct drive motor. So, belt, gear, chain, et cetera.

Yes. Thankfully, they’re motors. They can greatly assist in this regard.

I have a single motor belt setup if you are interested. The free roll is really good. Braking downhill is not the best.

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Yes, I am very interested. Could you please tell me your used components, especially your motor? @Crisfell

Ill send some pictures and info in the morning. Whre you located?

In Germany