Compact I Koastal Meatloaf Deluxe I Caliber II I 6355 208kv I Focbox I Zeaous I first build

Hey Guys,

After reading my eyeballs off, I decided to post my first build, in hopes that I could get better suggestions from the vast army of builders

Ordered so far Deck is a Koastal Meatloaf 33" (

Caliber II 50 degree trucks (°-Longboard/dp/B00NY3Q5P4?th=1&psc=1)

Zealous Bearings (

Enertion FOCBOX from YummyBlobs (

Still to buy, help appreciated Motor I was thinkig to run a single 6355 ( in hopes of going a solid 20mph and handling decent hills or possibly one 6374. Advice is varied on this, some saying one 6355 is enough, some saying 2, some saying 6374 pulls and make the board uneven. I could use some advice here

Motor Mounts Undecided, I would like to find some Enertion clones. I am looking for solid with no mods needed.

Batteries undecided, I am looking to go 10 solid miles per charge while still keeping the build portable and spend between $3-350. Thought about these to start (

Any advice is appreciated, as I said I have been reading as much as possible though I still have a ton of questions.


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I would ride a 6374 for more torque. Not as much as a dual set up, but better than a 6355 setuo

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