Compact Orange | Penny Board | 3" Penny Trucks | Motor TBD | Custom 3d Printed CF reinforced motor mount | Battery TBD | FSESC 4.12?


I’ve been designing and planning a custom motor mount for penny board trucks and I’m almost completely done on the design. The concept behind this is to have a truly compact electric Penny board without making it wider from larger trucks such as hub motors or caliber trucks. I’m hoping to be able to ride to school and between classes.

The base is a 22" penny Board with a single belt driven motor and a custom 3d printed motor mount which will be reinforced with a sheet of carbon fiber. The pulleys will also be 3d printed. I plan to get everything cnc milled from aluminum later once i have access at work during my coop job in september.

Im not too sure about the motor, vesc, and battery as id like to keep the price pretty low, but i was thinking of buying the FSESC 4.12 from Flipsky along and maybe one of their motors. Im still considering between building a li-ion battery or buying a lipo pack.

For the remote i plan to 3d print and build the “Simple 3d Printed NRF Remote” by @solidgeek

The motor mount is in its final stages and fits very snugly and securely to the truck and still allows movement, although the motor may have to be moved a little closer to the ground for clearance with the board. The bolts holes and motor bolt holes will be finalized once i get a motor and belt.

IMG_5690 IMG_5691

Any help and tips are appreciated towards the electronics and the remote as i’m quite new with all of this.

i wanted to post this and get some help before buying all the electronics i will need for this build.

Thanks, Dan


Well the Fsesc 4.12 is OK for this build but I wouldn’t recommend their motors. I would go with Racerstar 5065 140kv

For battery:

Samsung 40T or 30T in the max configuration that you can fit under. But you’ll need a spot welder or get 1 Nese (if they make for 40T) or @Winfly module


Thanks for the reply @Grozniy

Is there a better place to get a motor then banggood. Would getting an sk3 or sk8 motor from hobby king ship faster to Canada and be better? (maybe a 6354 sk8)

Also does anyone know a place to source cells in Canada.

My friend is using samsung 30q cells, i will ask where he got his cells.

Thanks, Dan

Sk3 or sk8 are good options

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Here’s my Penny (long) board but it’s got the width to run calibers


If i cant find a supplier for cells, would a lipo pack from hobby king be sufficient for approximately 10 km, as it may be easier to mount.

something like this:

Lipo Battery

Wow thats nice, but yeah it is wider then id like.

That Lipo you linked is definitely enough to get you more than 10 km, probably about 15km (176 Wh battery, I guess you would use about 10 Wh per km, but might be worse) It might be worth using 2 lipos in series instead of one single one to get a more suitable form factor. If you want to use 6S (which i guess is decent choice for a small 22" board), you could use 2x 3S batteries side by side.


Going the lipo route for a lightweight board makes sense if you want the power but don’t have the space for enough Li-ion to provide said power. 2 of those lipos you linked should give you around 30km as @Vykku said.

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My 22 inch build.

IMG_20190512_171336 IMG_20190512_171405 IMG_20190512_171348


@Vykku Yeah i was also considering 2 lipos in series, im not sure what form factor would allow to keep the middle of the board open to allow for some flex still.

@rusins Because its just the 22" penny board i dont think i could fit 2 lipos, also my school is only quite close so 10-15 km range is more then plenty. i appreciate the input.

Thanks, Dan

Nice, how wide is the board and how wider are the trucks, also what batteries are you using?

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10s1p HG2’s, 160mm trucks i beleive


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I really don’t think you would be able to get free space in the middle on a 22" penny board, and also be able to fit a battery and a esc, especially since you’re mounting the motor forward. Even with no free space left in the middle, it would be a pretty tight fit.

But at the same time, it is a 22" board with a kicktail, do you even feel any flex on it at all, since the location where you usually rest your feet are pretty much on top of the trucks.

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penny plastic has a good amount of flex if you jump in the middle

Oh sorry, i was too lazy to take off the rear wheel to mock the motor mount. The motor will be mounted in the rear. I will try and get more pictures tonight. Hopefully i can have the battery not stick out the sides by placing them near the front where the board is a little wider.

and @AlanZhou is right, the penny boards plastic is incredibly flexible. I can get the board to almost touch the ground when i jump in the center

Thanks, Dan

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you sound like a salesman… :rofl:

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:sweat_smile: lol. Yeah a little. It’s in my blood, I’m asian.

I guess then you could make separate enclosures for battery and esc, and mount them only in their middles so when you bend the deck, they won’t affect the flex at all. image

Since you’re 3d printing parts, you could 3d print these enclosures as well

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Yeah that’s the plan, hopefully a small flexible enclosure for the esc in the middles and a larger one for the battery near the front trucks