Compact remote with twin speed modes - $50

Twin speed modes for “slow” and “fast”, although on my boards that’s more like “ok i can handle this” and “holy shit i’m going to die” modes. I’ve actually been riding in slow mode because it gives you a ludicrous amount of granular control over the throttle. On sensored motors i’m able to crawl… like literally crawl speed so slow you can hear the motors ticking, it reminds me of muscle cars idling down the road on sunday. It also doesn’t limit the top end, it just takes longer to get there. It sort of makes my board ridable by every day hoomans just by clicking a button.

They’re lighter, easier to pocket, and don’t have any of the issues that the Steezes had. And they’re almost half the price. And they’re still ergonomic and not shaped like a gun.

Pairing issues (channel hijacking specifically) are no longer an issue.

Pairing is dead simple. Plug the receiver into the ESC and turn the board on. Its paired. And its not paired with your other board accidentally.

The receiver is half the size of the old one and comes with a cable attached that plugs right into the focbox without having to rewire anything.

No more cruise control, that was fucking a lot of people up. Me included.

NO MORE BUSTED FUCKING A BUTTON. We’ve already dropped and tossed and thrown these things repeatedly.

You can get these on Ali Baba for $45 to $55 plus a ridiculous amount of shipping then wait three weeks for it to get here, or you can get it from me for $50 and have it in three days.


… I know you’re a leader so it seems a bit weird to point this out but I think this is getting very close to a duplicate thread that you already made about your remotes. I don’t doubt that they are great remotes but it seems repetitive

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I was already posting this when i saw the black friday thread and replied inline not only with this but with three or four other things.

This is only about the remotes and is in the market thread.

Maybe its close to some line but its not there yet.