Comparison Spreadsheet (for Pre-Build E-Boards and Booster Packs)

Some of you may have seen this spreadsheet on reddit, but I want it’s own topic for discussion and updates. I made this at the end of 2015 und keep updating it until I stop eboarding (can’t imagine this ever happens) This Spreadsheet covers 90% of all pre-build street-boards on the market including the chinese copy-branding-mess. Recently I split it up and moved the mountable-drives to the second table. (Mellow and it’s copycats)

E-Boards 2016 Spreadsheet

I want you, the community, to help me updating and verifying the data, filling the gaps and tell me if something is completly wrong. This data is meant to help beginners with their decision which board to buy, but it also contains data for the DIY and modding-scene like gearing, motor kv and battery data.

(I’m not allowed to post this in the “parent category”, so I put this in the “others section”.)


@E-Boarding I like that you correctly lumped all of the backfire clones together. You can cross-check your list with this one to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

@E-Boarding I think for the Backfire family you can add in the notes that each brand can have a customized deck. Also LecDec is written as LectDec in the Street-Boards sheet, small typo. I have a LecDec and until now I’m happy with it. :slight_smile:

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Hi, just checking if the spreadsheet is being updated. Any new inputs?

every week :slight_smile: you’ll find a changelog at the bottom of the spread like this:

10.11.2016 Buffalo F1 added 08.11.2016 Raptor 2 added 24.10.2016 Acton Blink S, S2 and QU4TRO added 13.10 2016 Epic Racer 3200 and 2800 added 20.09.2016 Maxfind added 18.09.2016 Metroboard Dual added 13.09.2016 E-Wheelin i3 Plus and i4 added 22.08.2016 KooWheel added 21.08.2016 Ollin FreeRiede added 20.08.2016 WinBoard added 14.08.2016 Swagboard added


Out of all the boards you have recorded and you had to pick just one for daily commmutes with decent inclines, speeds up to at least 18mph, a range of 10 miles, and a reliable company with a good warranty, who would you go with?

I’m very happy with my Evolve Gen2. For decent Inclines I would go Enertion Raptor 2

I’ve heard the evolve board has connection issues even despite the new remote?

I saw in a video thya gets even worse if other evolve board right riding with you.

What do you think about Acton’s S2?

Also, what do you think about the Quatro?

Don’t think they’ll be built as good as evolve or raptor?

Yes the Evolve Remote sucks but my Gen2 don’t do have all the problems from the GT’s.

Acton is building a bunch of cheap chinese boards, their first Blink was total crap, they made big engineering mistakes and had lots of quality issues. Are the new boards better, don’t know. I think Enertion and some DIYs are the head of technology, Evolve is average and most of the chinese boards are bad quality.

Hi, just to put here the links for a new generation of chinese clones, now they have hub motors and removable batteries:

I suppose many of the current sellers of chinese clones will upgrade to this type of board soon and new brands will show up also.

I’d love to see you add Leiftech to this chart, I ride mine multiple days a week and feel like everyone always forgets about it since its an electric freebord.

The market exploded and after 1,5 years I’m not able to keep it up to date by myself. When I started there were about 10 boards out there…

This spreadsheet is now open to edit, everyone can add/delete/modify boards himself.

I made a backup in case someone mess it up :wink:

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Just a heads up the spreadsheet got messed up would be great if you could reset it or something. The boards are not lining up with the correct brands and specs stuff.

thx for notice, I reverted the last changes that messed it up

i really like the spreadsheet, good job!

a few days ago i made a video on my channel (in spanish) :slight_smile:

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Hey I cant seem to edit the sheet. Dont own or work for these guys but seeing them come up way to much for them not to be on the spec sheet really just wanted to compare them to yuncee ego cause they seem like the new hot budget board for peeps.

to edit, try the edit-link: (/edit at the end of the url)

@tueboard nice, I don’t understand anything but I think you’ve done it right :smiley:

Thanks for showing me how to edit you can delete the edit link now dont really think people should be editing it often :wink: I tried to match everything there as much as possible I am pretty sure if the cat get let out the bag everything about to get messed up :slight_smile: but we will see

Hey @E-Boarding this is a great resource - thanks for pulling it all together. Would you mind if I plugged it straight into some visualisation software to create something sexy for people to use? I work in the BI space so this would be both fun and also give people something interactive to use to make decisions.

Also, any chance you’d mind updating ‘Price’ to be just the numerical value and then create a separate column for ‘Currency’? Happy to do it for you if you don’t mind me making that structural change.

Thanks and keep up the awesome work!


Everyone can edit, I can’t keep this up to date by myself, but I revert changes if they suck (for example if someput change it to imperial system or something like that :D) You can also do small structural changes but I see no point in having different currencies, this sheet is more about specs than exact prices, they depend too much on location.

Visualisation sound pretty nice, feel free to create something awesome with this data :wink: