Complete 190KV 6374 Drivedrain for sale. [Denmark/EU] [EVERYTHING IS SOLD]

Swapping out my drivetrain for a cheaper hub based alternative so I can finish it up and get it working instead of just having it laying around.

Motor is brand new, Eskating 190 6374 (Water Resistant, Sealed and Sensored) I’ve put tape around it to protect it whilst testing and building. Enertion motor mount painted over with black spray paint not done by me so not the best, caliber II trucks with stock bushings I will replace the green ones before sale.

13/36 Torqueboards pulley kit 12mm 265 Belt and Orangatang Kegel wheels.

3/4 wheels are brand new and come with new bearings installed.

Everything is secured down with thread locker and adjusted well.

As is, ready to plug in just needs extended wires or a riser pad like mine since I’ve cut the wires down a little.

Looking for fair offers, can ship worldwide but buyer pays shipping.

Located in Denmark/EU.

Interested in the caliber trucks, if you decide to part with it.

Ill have to stick with selling the entire bundle :slight_smile: Shipping price wouldnt make it worth parting out unless your willing to pay alot in shipping :slight_smile:

Its 35 Euro flat rate for shipping up to 5KG sadly cant get it cheaper unless its Sweden Germany or any country really close to me.

How much do you want for all?

I think it’s too late


Yep everything sold, and everyone has received the parts :slight_smile:

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Just of off curiosity did you already get something to replace it? :smile:

Yeah a Backfire G2 with tons of upgrades, but i just picked up a Loaded Vanguard Flex 3 for cheap so might end up making a Boosted clone who knows :smiley:

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Sick! As long you post it I am happy for you! :laughing:

For sure! Just need some money then.

This time i would do it in a propper way so if i make a BB Clone ill need to get those Eboosted enclosures some focboxes and dual 6355 motors and route the cables and everything.

Damn it already sounds expensive.


ahahaha yes it will, but it would be awesome!. at least 90x2 motors, nice wheels 80-100, Motor mount and pulley 80x2, 140x2 focboxs, enclosure 100 or a bit less I think with, battery I guess 100 (I never looked at LiPo), Real vanguard deck 180-200, you can choose a clone to save it a bit…then remote and all the rest but probably you already have them. Now make the math…

I hope you find something in the eSk8 second hands market!

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I could do it damn cheap, if i buy a diyeboard belt drive motor kit with esc i could have something that would look insane.

Backfire enclosures are perfect for the Vanguard.

I know what are you talking about it. U have the hub motors from them. It will work. The only think is that would have been nice if they lower KV motor. With 270 you can only use their ESC or the KV is too high. I read the drive train has some. You find video on you tube about comparison to boosted board (spoiler the cheap one wins! In speed, torque and range since they used 10s5p battery pack). BTW they are change ESC for hub. Maybe also for belt they will do it. I am not update.

Edit: I saw now the backfire enclosure and indeed they look great on a Vanguard deck

still available?

Nothing is available