Complete board for sale/ Or parts [12S 120A ESC, 6374 192KV motor, 2x5200mah 4S batteries, 97mm wheels, gt2b]

Selling my stuff…

I really enjoy electric skateboards, but mine has reliability issues. I don’t know if the ESC is overheating, or something else is fucking up, but I’ve got enough. The thing is, it rides beautifully for miles, then it randomly stops responding. When it gets some rest (1-2 mins), it’s back to normal again. It may be ok for some people, but for me it’s really annoying. Apart from this, it’s an awesome ride, got some great speed (36km/h / 22m/h) and a decent range (12km / 7.5 miles). Also, it will eat any hill, as it has torque for days. Here is the build thread, and if you have questions feel free to ask:

Disclaimer! If you would like to buy the whole board I recommend you’re not a beginner, as I said, it has issues. Also please note that shipping from Hungary is pretty expensive. And these are not some overused parts. The board was only ridden for max 100km! Battery was always (dis)charged back to storage, never over(dis)charged, never charged with more than 1C and always been looked after very closely, so I can comfortably say it’s in perfect condition.


-Whole board (everything…: transmitter, programming card, deck, enclosure etc): 300 USD plus shipping -Sleeping Lion 12S 120A ESC with programming card: 75USD -Turnigy 6374 192KV Motor: 50USD -Enertion “old” motor mount with pulleys and belt: 20USD -Gt2b with receiver and sparkle mod: 20USD -Caliber trucks: 30 USD -Wheels: 97mm flywheel clones with abec 7 bearings: 40USD -I see no point in selling the deck and the enclosure alone.

Everything is open for offers! If shipping becomes too expensive for you, I might reduce the prices. (I can upload more pictures if needed)

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Don’t sell it! I’m telling you right now the reliability problem is most likely the ESC. I’ll give you a reliable esc if you want to get it working properly, all you need is a fan to keep it nice and cool.

Don’t get out of esk8… it’s too much fun once you get it up and running the right way


Lol thanks for busting my buy :laughing:


Pm’ed 10char

I don’t know. I only see the VESC 6 or FOCBOX as relieable options. And those are really out of my price range. It’s a lot of fun though. And selling it might fail anyway as shipping is even more than I expected.

If you have a relieable ESC below that price I might take a look at it.

@Blitz Don’t be dissapointed. There hasn’t been any interest for the battery and the ESC. The last thing I want to look at every day is a partially disassembled board. I would only sell this if I could get a relatively good deal out of it.

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I can’t see your message bro.

torque boards vesc should work fine too Just lower motor and battery max a bit and bam almost as reliable.

ofc that is just one small factor :smiley: I saw some people making powerful dual motor 40mph builds with it.

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I have ESK8 as my second expensive hobby (other one is FPV quadcopters), and I’m a student, so a 100 USD is all my money at the moment :joy::joy::joy:.

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here Plumb77 is selling a focbox From the US see this post look for comments.

Where do you live? EU?

Yup. Hungary


I have a miamiboards 8s ESC that you can have for free if you want it. It doesn’t need any cooling, it’s relatively efficient and has never had any problems. OR If you’re planning to upgrade at any point, I’ll give you my 12s Torqueboards ESC. Reliable, but overheats if you don’t put a fan on it (the heat sink isn’t enough to keep it cool, it’s not the most efficient thing in the world)

All you gotta do is pay for shipping…


Sent again. Try now :slight_smile:

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Damn man, that is too kind of you. I honestly don’t know what to say… I don’t deserve it but I might accept your offer.

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Pm me if you accept, I can close this thread if you don’t want to sell anymore.


Take the bait, you won’t regret it.

@anorak234 dude you are one of the kindest people on this forum, I consistently see threads of you offering to give away your items to people who are having problems with their boards. You’re a legend!

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One last thing. I don’t want to seem picky getting free stuff, I just want to be sure that if you donate that ESC to me, it will be used and loved. So my only question is, how good is the braking on that ESC? I just don’t want it to be wasted. And as @pat.speed said, this community and the OP’s on this forum are amazing.


And if all goes well maybe I can give away my ESC too. Maybe someone more experienced can make better use of it. :slight_smile:

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The breaking on the 8s ESC is smooth, but not very strong.

The breaking on the 12s ESC is turned off atm because I’m bad at using the programming card XD.

Both ESCs can be programmed, I’ll send the right cables and units. The 12s one has its own unit and the 8s there’s a program for laptops to change settings

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Dude, you are awesome! I don’t know how will I thank you. I think I will go with the 8S one as overheating is the last think I want to hear about at the moment. I’ll send you a PM. :pray: (And you can probably close this thread)