Complete Drive System for sale (formerly Motor Mount with Dual Idlers and Custom Made CNC Motor Mounts)

yes he has the best kits… :ok_hand:


Looks great! I plan to order these as well and undermount for a stelth look. Is there enough clearance between the deck and the motor, especially when leaning hard in turns? Any advice would help, thanks!

So far there’s no issue with them. I flipped the board so the deck is facing the ground, and i use my hands to press the trucks down and see if it hits the deck, there’s about 7mm or so spacing so it’s all good!

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Awesome! Thanks for the feedback! Glad you’re enjoying them :grinning:

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Check out how i used them for my build

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Awesome! I’ll check it out now :+1:


pmd interested in a set

I didn’t see a price anywhere for the evolve set. What would the cost be for a set of (2) evolve mounts.

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Can you get the evolve set with clamps for TB extended trucks

Motor mount (adapter) is specific to the type of truck. Adapter is not interchangeable but the motor arm is universal.

Hey Marc, just signed up and don’t think I can pm yet…but interested in a pair of mounts. Saw that you had previously made some mount adapters for the cronins and interested to know if you’re still selling them. I had a couple of questions for you if we can start a private chat?

Hi, I was interested in this motor mount setup. I have ABEC 107mm flywheels, and TB218mm trucks. I was wondering if you have any slip on pullies for the ABEC 107mm wheels as opposed to the other pulley where the bolts have to be accurately/evenly applied.

Please see PM

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Motor mount installation instruction :point_down:


@marcmt88 Any chance your universal mount is compatible w/ MBS Matrix II trucks? I’m looking around for mounting options for these trucks and don’t see much (aside from pretty expensive ones overseas)

These are new to my line of motor mounts :point_down: MBS Matrix Pro II mounts are couple weeks out.

For a complete line of my products:



Hi @marcmt88 do you have a truck clamp for Surf Rods RKP 200mm trucks?

Hey Luke, Sorry I don’t…but if you send me your truck I can engineer a mount for it.

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if this happens, put me down for a set, my trucks will not be here for a week but i would love one of your kits for my SR’s

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