Complete E-Board for Sale Basically New Dual Motor BMS Lithium Ion

I’ve decided to sell my board. Had some expenses come up recently that need to be paid. If the board doesn’t sell in a week I will begin to part it out. I’ve put about 30 miles on the board now with zero issues. Whoever buys will unbox and ride. It needs nothing since I upgraded to the 120A 12S TB ESCs.

I have compiled a list of basically everything I have spent on this build. All of these prices are exactly how much I spent on everything. I checked all of my statements to verify. I’m sure I have forgotten some things. EVERYTHING that is listed here is included in the sale. I’ve spent countless hours on this build and ideally I’d like to make a profit but instead I will be losing about $500 as well as my labor for the build.

$80.00 – Bustin Single Kicktail Deck (Additional. The board pictured is the current setup) $199.74 - 6S4P Custom Built Battery Pack by @barajabali (24X LG HE2) $129.33 - 2X Turnigy SK3 6355 Brushless Motors $233.98 - 2X Single Bolt On Motor Mount w/ Drive Wheel Kit from @torqueboards $250.00 - 2X TB 120A 12S Opto ESC (Including UBEC) $15.00 - FVT Programming Card $14.83 - Custom Made Vacuum Formed Enclosure $12.68 - Chinese Battery Capacity Meter $21.01 - XT90 Anti Spark Loop Key (+ Soldering Jig) $68.00 - BENCHWHEEL REMOTE (THIS REMOTE IS AWESOME) $4.96 - 5.5 X 2.1 MM Charge Port $8.00 - All XT60 Connectors $51.67 - Imax B6AC V2 Charger (Wired for a single DC port) $60.00 - Orangatang Kegels $43.20 - Battery Supports 45A 6S BMS $3.99 - Custom Momentary Switch for Capacity Meter $52.95 - Caliber II Trucks $24.01 - Bronson Speed Co G3 Bearings $10.00 – Varius Board Risers and Pads $46.20 – 60A 6S BMS (EXTRA) $5.80 – Servo Y-Cables $29.58 – FlySky FS-GT2B (EXTRA) $5.69 – Kester Solder $4.96 – Inline Fuse Holder $2.96 – Flux $5.75 – 40A Fuses $11.99 – Heating Element (Vacuum Former) $60.00 – Vacuum Forming Materials $12.99 – 12 GA Silicon Wire $9.08 – Hakko Soldering Iron Cleaner $3.49 – M-Size DC Plug (For Charger) $12.00 – 90A Venom Bushings $8.64 – Skate Tool $13.69 – Misc Hardware $23.98 – Weller Soldering Iron $50.00 – Miscellaneous Connectors, Cables, Supplies

Grand Total: $1567.15

Sale Price - $1150.00 Including shipping


Please text me if you have any questions. (704) 904-5391


damn, leaving the hobby?

Yeah why u selling it? Itd be a shame if u leave.

Also how did the hearing elements turn out?!

My computer died and I need a new one for engineering school. Can’t tack on that cost and keep this. Plus I really just enjoy building them. Riding them not so much lol.

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I would be interested in a lot of your board but you’re pricing it at brand new (which it is, i understand) but mos tof us would rather just buy direct from the dealer at the same price

What’s the top speed? Gearing ratio? Does it come with the BMS? What remote?

Sorry maybe I wasn’t very clear. I am not parting out. I’m selling as a whole. Those aren’t prices I am asking for parts in just showing what I paid. I’ve discounted it

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Top speed around 25. Gearing 15/30. All other info in original post.

what does the EXTRA mean?

It means that the GT2B comes in addition to the winning remote. Also the 60A BMS will come with the board even though it already has a 45A BMS.

selling and losing $500 seems crazy. What kind of computer do you need for school? I can’t imagine college campus without a board

Need something pretty powerful. Need to run my 3D modeling programs and CFD simulations.

Ha ha ha! You’re taking esk8 to another level! DIY skate just for the sake of building them.

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May I ask what the board looks like?

How about the heating elements? How did they work?!!!

@stuxtruth You mentioned you enjoy building them…are you available for hire to build me one?

Yes. PM me so we can talk.

PM sent - no rush

You make it sound like a bad thing

I also sent a PM too.