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Complete E-Board Part-Out!

I’ve decided to build an E-bike so I am parting out my board. None of these prices include shipping.

2 x Zippy Flightmax 5000mAh 3S Batteries with XT90 connectors. $20 ea.

Generic Voltage Meter: $5

Turnigy 2-in-1: $15

Hobbywing Xerun 150a ESC Limited Edition Blue: $75

Enertion 9mm HTD5 belts: $7 Each

Enertion 15t HTD Motor Pulley: SOLD

Aluminum 14t HTD Motor Pulley: $15

SkyRC GT2B: $15

Wii Kama Wireless Controller: $10

Bustin Boards Wheels and Abec 7 Bearings: $25

Miscellaneous Risers and Shock absorbers: $10 (Will only sell all together)

Enertion 36t Drive Hub Kit: SOLD

Bear Trucks With DIY welded Mount: SOLD

Tacon 160 245kV Motor: $50

Abec Flywheel Blanks (One wheel is broken but can be used as spares): $10

Bustin Cigar Deck: $50 Discontinued

All of these products will be shipping from Charlotte, NC. You can text me at 704-904-5391 for faster response.

can you ship worldwide? Or selling only localy?

I’ll ship anywhere if you pay shipping charges. I have no idea how expensive shipping would be.

how much to ship your karma to Australia 2905 ?

It’s $25 to ship to Australia via USPS flat rate priority package.

Damn, shipping really kills us in Oz.

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Just buy some more stuff so it will be worth it!

How much is shipping for the Kama to the US? Specifically Indiana

Shipping to Indiana would be 5 bucks

trucks, enertion 36t pulley, and enertion 14t pulley are mine :wink:

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Okay perfect. Can I pay with PayPal?

how much do you want for the enertion 36t pulley?

yep @dacc34, that’s what I did just a little while ago

sorry @Chris_KP, I’ve already paid for it…

all good just curious how much did you pay for it? @cmatson

PM’d dacc34

message length

well I bought the trucks, 36t pulley and 14t pulley for 128.

it was 80, 38, 10 respectively

@cmatson I thought you wanted the enertion pulley. That way the prices are the exact same as what I listed.

yep, they were the exact prices you listed: I just don’t remember exactly what each one was… all I know is that I paid 128 total for the items I was texting you about: trucks w/ mount, 36t enertion pulley system, and the enertion motor pulley.

Sorry for the miscommunication

No worries! It was 80, 38 and 10.

Thanks! Will ship out tomorrow morning! I’ll send tracking info when I get it.

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eBike sounds like fun :slight_smile: Bomber bikes are awesome, Bafang 1000w is nice as well as a nice mini BMX ebike.

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