Complete electric skate board. Dual motor

This is my electric skate board. I am not parting this out. Dual motor. 190kv from Torque boards. ABEC wheels. Caliber 2 trucks. 31" maple deck.BKB tayto. This deck is awesome! I really wanted something like the boosted board mini and this deck is so close. I have the smart phone addapter but I did not ever get around to hooking it up. It came from Nano remote from Torque boards 2 vesc from Torque boards 10s3p batter. From Mboards 36tooth 15mm gears and belts from torque boards Batter life indicater. Displays voltage or % push button. On/Off. Power and the special spark free switch between battery and the 2 vesc Mounted charging jack is on side. Comes with 2amp 42volt charger.
The enclosure is made from thin sheet metal I formed and welded the four corners. I ran this with a single motor for a while and it could do 24 mph. It has a lot of torque! Now its running dual motor. Feels like it goes about 18 mph top speed now with better traction. I’ve done some good rides. Distance on charge depends on how much you’re on the throttle and Hills. The programming needs some fine tuning. My lap top died so I can’t do any adjustments now.

For sure could do 12 miles on a charge possibly more. Fun to ride but Selling do to bills to pay.

Got like $1300 in this. Selling for $900

Located in Crystal MN. 55427


20190803_181148 20190803_181121


Gonna be a hard sell with the new bkb kit.

But what’s your location?


I guess I don’t even know what the new bkb kit is. I’m in. MN twin cities area.

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Yea that is a good deal. For the single motor. I see the dual bkb is a bit higher $$. I know I have all good parts hear. Didn’t really look to see what stuff is going for just knew I have a good chunk $ in this.


@thebeardedboy , if a brand new bkb dual is $800, I’d expect this to be in your price range. $600 seems like a good value for this setup used depending on number of charge cycles on the battery.


The dual kit is 800$ free shipping.

And depending on how many cycles are on the board it should be price anywhere between 600-700 dollars.


Good correction, thanks

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Maybe 15 charges on it. I had fun building just don’t ride much. I’m a project guy always on to the next thing. Not going any lower than $775 shipped

Price drop $700 shipped.

Changed your mind?