Complete noob first time mountainboard build

Yeah that sounds perfect and about 1000 maybe 1200

I need 28-30wh :scream: what i‘m doing wrong :joy::joy::joy:

Definitely don’t go with a trampa if you just need it for to come to the train and back and some times for longer rides. You very easy up to 10kg + which makes it not easier to carry around. I think with your budget a trampa would only be possible as used one. The deck it’s own is already 200£. I was driving my boosted board for months on Russian roads without big issues. If i can drive with 80mm wheels here I think you will be for sure fine with 90-107mm wheels in New York. I have a trampa too. I come 7-10km with 222wh on 8inch and chain drive.


These are actually nice didn’t want to go to fat with the tire but this looks really good