Complete quad hub board new for $1,099?!?!?

I’m debating buying this. I want a hub powered board and I’d prefer one that’s manufactured with a warranty as opposed to DIY (I have too many projects).

Their specs seem farfetched, but if they’re close to what they’re claiming, this thing looks like a steal. My experience with every ‘kickstarter’ campaign is that they take waaaay longer to come to fruition than originally promised, but still….$1,099 for a quad hub board with integrated lights and a warranty from a California based company?!?!

Somebody give me a compelling reason not to jump on this right now :wink: Currently only 33 slots left, hasn’t changed since last night.

I don’t get it why they always have to increase the speed in the videos with fast forward effects to get the impression that the board is faster. Most Kickstarter do that. So I know already that the final product won’t be what you expected.

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I’m not gonna lie, if I knew about this before i built my DIY board, i would have went with this. It’s cheaper than the cost of my entire dual motor setup, and it has good range. Now I’m just secretly hoping this board is gonna suck so I can feel beter about my purchase lol. It does look sick tho.

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Looks dope, I was checking it out to, but I wonder if it’s actually goes 23mph like they say…

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Seems too good to be true, and probably is.

I wonder if their 30% incline claim is accurate because that is very steep! Even dual belt drive boards would struggle. dont know how they can price it so low with 4 motors. I couldn’t even do a dual drive carvon build for that price, maybe a single.

Has anyone done a 4wd build with @Hummie steel hubs or @LEVer carvons hubs?

Cost cutting in quality for sure. Especially given how the blink was built.

This is a Chinese board and these losers are looking to rip everyone off. They’re getting on Kickstarter to fund all the purchases from Chinese manufacturers. Haha

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You can expect the specs to be over hyped and listed for sure. They have to be making serious cost cuts to meet that price and make a decent profit.

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Unless this company has capital and can take a profit hit in order to create buzz and fan loyalty. Lots of companies give away free products for this reason - you take a hit in the short run and hopefully make it back in fold in the long run.

I’m assuming that Acton either has capital from their previous products, an angel investor, or their employee’s are willing to put it all on the line. If not, and they are planning on putting out a cheap product that disappoints everyone that was faithful enough to invest in this early adopter hoax, they’d be shooting themselves in the foot.

Every new/growing company has to under-promise and over-deliver; if you do the opposite, you have no choice but to fold and reemerge under a different guise.

Just saying, if I were Acton, I’d tell everyone to expect 17lbs, 22 miles, etc. and then wow them with 16lbs and 24 miles. Overnight legion.

I refrain from dumping more than a couple hundred into kickstarters but go for it if you feel good about it! I am confident that my board I’m building for $850 will go further and faster than this and I will enjoy building it. Also remember any kickstarter that involves electronics ships about 1 year after the projected date. If you are lucky :slight_smile: hahah

Do they actually have a working prototype? All the pictures and videos of the quad board i’ve seen so far have been renderings.

On a side note, I wonder if I can buy the board and then strip out some of the electronics and DIY it myself.

What’re you building?

I’m still waiting on some bluetooth temperature/humidity sensor I funded on Kickstarter like two years ago…

Dual diagonal board with sk3’s on chain drive. 360 Wh 10s4p battery from DIY Electric. Running on two vescs. And ya I’m almost a year over on a 3D printer. No guarantees but we somehow get sucked into those promising videos right?! haha

Sounds dope. South Park needs to do a satire on these Kickstarter videos - they’re all so ridiculous.

Ya I’m excited for it. I’m doing it on a 55" deck so it will be the longest electric longboard I’ve ever seen :slight_smile: hahaha and ya they do! Submit the idea! haha

I don’t foresee Acton keeping the rails of the deck exposed metal rather than grip tape. Seems like if it got slightly wet you could slip really easily.

There’s so much space between the wheels and the nose/tail of the deck in these renderings. It looks like you could fit massive all-terrain wheels or tires without wheel bite. If it’s capable of going up 30% with 99mm wheels, I wonder how it would perform with the stock gearing using a beefier tire or an all-terrain wheel and pneumatic tire like the Evolve AT. Seems like you’d still be able to get up some hills.

Just because the product is listed on indiegogo is no guarantee that the product will be delivered. If you want a board buy something that is in production. If you think a indiegogo campaign is worth the risk of getting nothing or getting something that doesn’t stack up to what you thought you where buying then go ahead.

Indiegogo is for those who don’t mind a bet and understand it’s a bet where they could loose it all.

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