Complete quad hub board new for $1,099?!?!?

Any news on this build? I was waiting to see how this board stacks up against others. Really interested in your 2wd belt motor.

I fail to see how you plan on building this with only $850. Please tell me your secret lol.


Battery Pack (includes bms, voltage indicator, charging port, xt90, usb ports, power switch, charger, and cells with everything completely assembled): DIY electric $400 Vescs: Axle $230 Motors: HobbyKing $180 Controller: Amazon $25 Chain: Ebay $8

Total came to $843 (that all included shipping)

Secrets listed below: I built my own CNC machine that also doubles as a vacuum forming machine and I will be making a custom mold as trade for motor mounts with another eboard enthusiast. I will also be using it to make my own mold for the components under my board. Also the deck, truck and wheels is from a longboard I’ve had for like 5 years and barely used so that is technically cheating calling it an $850 build :joy: . I will also be milling my own sprockets for the chain to be driven by which is kind of fun because I can quickly design 3 different gear ratios on fusion 360 and have it spit out the CAM (gcode) to cut it out with. Then I can experiment so see what ratio I like the most or even change them out for different rides. I luckily have mucho spare 3/16" aluminum so I can play with that all I’d like. So yes my comment at $850 was kind of misleading in a way but I believe that many people have an least a few things sitting around already that they can use!

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I knew there was a catch :expressionless: lol. Sounds great man happy building.

Hahaha ya, though used boards are cheap, usually lightly used, and of copious amounts where I live in Utah. Perhaps it’s the same where you live?

I was pretty picky about the board i used. Longboards are definitely not cheap but $110 wasnt too bad for the deck I wanted. Could have been worse if i bought a loaded vangurad. But i think everybody on this forum can tell you how we all under estimated the cost of the little things. Connectors, wires, sales tax, shipping, shrink tube, grip tape, bolts, risers, belts, pulleys, tools. eventually it all adds up to the point where you ask yourself, what the f am i doing?


I don’t see anyway how they can produce that board they are showing for just under $1100. unless they use total rubbish components.

looks butt ugly. Buy it ! Want to hear your review

Hahahaha it sure does! I’m glad that instead of pulleys and belts and everything I’m just going to have to make my own. And my schools maker space provides all metric nuts and bolt for free as well as 3D printers, soldering equipment and supplies etc. I’m certainly in a situation that I need to try to do as many projects as possible. Nonetheless my wife has wondered what on earth I’m doing quite a while ago :joy:

In a few years, I feel like we will all be riding quad hub motors on decks with integrated batteries. But we’re just not there yet.

This feels like a scam to me. I’m not going to tell you what to do with your money, but I sure wouldn’t invest $1100 now to wait 1-2 years for something that might not even come to fruition. I would rather pay a higher price down the road for a real, tested product. Not a video and CAD rendering


I exact sentiment. For them to even be able to sell the boards this cheap gives me the impression they are cutting corners some wheres. Even If I wet super buget with 4x axle VESCs at $83 a piece and hummies hubs at factory prices and a 12s3p (which Is probably close to the size of this battery in Wh’s) $450 for the hubs + $332 for VESCs of untested quality (or $750 for the highest quality chaka VESCs) + $350 for the battery + $200 for the deck + $35 for a charger, your looking at $1142 for the absolute cheapest and $1560 for a quad with chaka VESCs, and this is assuming I get everything at factory bulk pricing, like acton is. So at $1100, assuming they are still profiting something, they are cutting costs some wheres. It could be the battery, it could be the ESCs, or it could be the motors…

The other benefit of building your own is with the VESC is FOC, you get rid of that annoying whinny motor sound, and get a nice, quite motor sound instead. You could also ride an actual wood board too instead of this metal/carbon board.

I’m building the v2 quad board of carvon v2s which should be an absolute beast (BTW @LEVer, I’m going to try to remember to get those trucks in the mail today. I keep forgetting, and have been quite busy building decks lately. But if you ever need a dual hollow channel 100% Canadian Maple deck, let me know).

I also am planning a 4wd board with hummies large motors, when ever they finally finish them.

4wd with hummies small motors are great for lighter people (under 150 pounds) who don’t want insanely high speeds, the v2 carvons should be a super high speed board, while the hummies large motor board will be perfect for larger guys (like me). I can sacrifice a bit of that extra torque for a higher top speed too, while still gaining more torque than the smaller motors.

I’ve been working with a friend who graduated a few years ago with a film major, and I’m going to start releasing some videos soon of what this board can really do. I climbed a 12 degree (21% grade) hill yesterday that was over a quarter mile long while still maintaining speeds above 17 mph (unlike the CGT, which slows down to a craw). It’s incrediable what you can do with 4wd… I’m just skeptical of what this acton board will be able to do…

Emailed them asking some technical and logistical questions about the board. 24 pre-order slots left now.

Emailed them and this is what they confirmed:

  • Panasonic 18650 30 cells, 240Wh
  • they had 83mm wheels on the prototype and when they went up Lombard St.
  • they said they’ve delivered 3 products on time and expect to be on time with this one, too. “prototype is done and molds are open”

I’m not sure how it works, but running a quad hub motor must somehow be efficient if they’re claiming 22 miles on a 240Wh battery. My 270Wh battery with dual outboard motors (Raptor) usually gets me around 10 miles (170lbs, decent winds, mixed riding conditions, high speed and acceleration).

Still not sure if it’s worth the risk. I feel like I’d rather have a dual hub for around the same price if it could go 30MPH instead of 23MPH. I’m kinda addicted to cruising comfortably in 25MPH zones and not slowing down traffic or having to hug the shoulder where it’s all rocky in order to let cars pass.

22 mile range with only 30 cells and hub motors lol

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The claimed mileage with 30cells and 4 hub motors is a unicorn. Beautiful as it sounds and looks (I do like the presentation!) The claims are impossible.

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I don’t understand why a company would screw themselves over like that?!

Wheels are gonna be 99mm 78A PU, even though they look kinda like tires in the renderings.

Still thinking of buying it…my alternative is a Carvon V2.5 dual with 10s3p or 10s4p. Would get me 30+MPH but would still cost more than the QU4TRO.

Carvon can also do an EMCX with dual motors and extended range for $1,399 and free shipping. Still waiting to hear back from them regarding all the specs on that. I’m not a fan of their enclosures, but the higher top speed and immediate availability is nice. That said, it’s about to snow where I am and I’ll prob sell my esk8s soon and repurchase once spring comes around lol