Completed Esk8 Build for Sale

I finished my first DIY Esk8, but after a couple of weeks of having it and only being able to really take it out on the road once, I have decided that for now, I’ll take a break from esk8ing. I’m going into college this Fall, and don’t know what I would do with the board, or how much I would be able to use it, so I decided I’ll try to sell it. I would love to get more into this sorta stuff later since I loved putting the thing together, but with limited time/money I feel the need to postpone that.

Board only has five to ten miles on it, maybe less to be honest. It works well and didn’t have any problems during testing or during my one ride, everything seems to be working well. Board comes completely built, with remote already connected to the ESC. All parts were bought new, and while there are some scratches in the wood, nothing structurally wrong with the board. The motor has some scratches due to motor mount slipping earlier (nothing structural, just some cosmetic problems fixed with paint or acrylic tape), but some blue thread locker cleared that up quickly. The parts are mounted directly to the board with industrial strength velcro, with an enclosure made of PLA plus that is hard as hell and doesn’t need to be removed to charge the battery. The battery and ESC are connected through a loop key, allowing access to the battery also without having to remove the enclosure, making charging pretty easy. The enclosure is perfectly stable/strong but there are some glue stains on it that would be pretty easy to remove with some sandpaper (While putting it together I wasn’t the best with applying super glue to connect the two enclosure parts :slight_smile: ).


Parts: Motor - 6374 200Kv ESC - Pretty basic, but it works like a charm with what I used it for Battery - 8000mAh 6s 30C ZOPower LiPo The motor mount is a dickyho motor that as said in intro works well. Some scratching on the trucks, but that is still just cosmetic. Deck and trucks are basic skateboarding materials, nothing really special about them, but they work well.

Overall, I was very happy with this being one of the first things DIY things I built, if only I had more time to ride it.

I was hoping to sell for around $300, but the price is flexible. This price includes the board and the charger for the board.

I’m located in California and would be shipping through USPS and using PayPal as a payment method. The buyer pays for shipping.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

Also willing to trade for a bike - both manual and ebike if anyone is in the san diego area. I am a student at UCSD, so local trade would be needed for this option.

Looks just like this one

It is that one. Just updated information and created new thread.