(Completed) First build. Sk3 6364 - 3d printed pulley - single drive - baby buffalo case mod - 6s 5000mah lipo - 120amp esc - epoxy enclosures

Hi my name is Chris i am from australia and i am 15 and i am new to the forum, I am doing my first electric skateboard build and would like a little insight and some help. my parts: Motor: sk3 213 Kv esc hobbyking xcar 120a brushless esc battery: 2X turnigy 5000 25c lipo battery Transmitter: Gt2b trucks: caliber wheels 76 mm koston 83a ( i know koston the price was unbeatable tho) bearings: bones reds deck: BULLDOG LONG PIG (40" x 10.5") pulleys: steel 14 tooth HTD belt pulley, 3d printed (ABS) 36 tooth pulley and a HTD 9mm 300mm belt motor mount: Self made aluminium clamp bracket

I would like some feed back on 3D printed pulleys the following images are on i printed it seems very sturdy and rigid but in the long run I’m not so sure on how it will hold up

Also the wheels I bought are solid and don’t have holes like abec fly wheels. I was wondering the best technique for mounting the pulley to the wheel, I have a drill press at home and was wondering of drilling directly through the wheel like boosted boards do and putting bolts through the wheels.

For the motor mount i have been experimenting with motor mounting options, I will start to draw the bracket up and prototype with my 3d printer and ether get it made with a water jet or a cnc or even a plasma cutter. this is a quick bracket i knocked up with 1/4 inch aluminium in the end i will be using half inch aluminium.

for the motor pulley i orderd the wrong one with only a 6mm bore instead of my intended 8mm bore but i made up for this issue by counter sinking the 6mm hole to 8mm at the top and then lined it up with a 8mm bit and drilled it, i was surprised how centred it is perfect, i continued running the 8mm bit up and down in the hole to make it that 0.1mm bigger for the sk3 motor shaft. I need some advice on the mounting of the pulley i am intending on grinding a flat spot on the motor shaft i am not sure on what kind of screw to use to secure the pulley on the shaft any suggestions?


Nice work. Good to see another aussie on here. I use 2 grub screws and a couple of flat spots filed in the shaft to hold my drive gears on. Just make sure you use loctite to hold them on.

Thanks mate! Did you use a dremel to grind the flatspots?

I literally used a hand file.

oh haha ok. would you mind uploading a photo of what you did? Thanks?

I have tried a metal file, a dremel and also drill press for modifying/creating flat spot on the motor shaft. However the best result for me was using a grinder.

its a good idea to wrap the motor in some plastic material and tape up any holes so it is protected from any particles/filings entering inside the motor can.

Yeah I punch the shaft through a plastic bag so I dont get shavings in the motor, and then file a couple of flat spots in the shaft. I have loctite on all my motors at the moment so I cant really take a photo.

like a bench grinder or an angle grinder?

all good, so do you have the flat spots on the top and bottom or on the top and the sides?

You really only need a flat spot on 1 side.

I have one on the top and one at 90 degrees

ok thanks for all your help man!

Hi Chris, Check this method out used for mechanically securing pulleys onto enertion motor shafts, this method probably cannot be achieved at home unless you have special equipment but It might help you with some new ideas.

thanks for that but I’m not using a key hole system but thanks for the suggestion

In that case, this thread might be helpful: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/how-do-you-mount-a-pulley-to-the-motor-shaft/92 it has some information you may already know, but it’s still worth checking out.

My deck arrived today, 40/10.5". I started positioning the electronics. I still don’t have a motor bracket need to finish my design currently drawing up one in 123d and will 3d print prototypes then when i finalise i will ether use my new x carve to cnc the motor mount or get it plasma cut.

I am tempted to modify the board a little like rounding off the tail an pulling in the tale a bit.

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Nice! and you have an Xcarve too? man you got all the good toys.

currently building but yes hopefully it will cut half inch aluminium fingers crossed!

game changer! all my brackets have been 6mm aluminium welded to truck, but I cut them with a hack saw and files LOL

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good on you! have you every done a clam bracket? i am planning on doing a diy clamp bracket? and where do you get your aluminium from??