COMPLETED! Never Summer Deviant Deck | ABEC 11 83MM | 2x Ollin VESC | 2x SK3 260KV | 10S SPACE cell | Custom build waterproof enclosure

After two prototypes and a good number of blueprints, I finally completed this bad boy! I made a few modifications to the remote to install a little button switch for the LED lights on the board, which allows me to turn on the LED lights with a press of the button. I also put a little “trigger safe” bar across the trigger so it doesn’t accidentally make my board go wild while I have it in my pocket during short stops. I have yet to test out the top speed but based on the calculations and other realistic factors, I suspect somewhere around 33-35mph. Riding this beast down a carless street of Philadelphia is absolutely orgasmic (for the lack of a better word). All around, I’ve been getting stares and hi-fives from people and it feels so amazing to tell them that I MADE this! It’s one thing to buy and another to make it yourself. So for those who are looking to get into this hobby, I’d recommend building one yourself.


Excellent enjoy !

Send out ur crap tomorrow

Very nice build.

Motors are not hitting the deck or even the phase wires? Is there a lot of clearance?

nope, all is good! Made extra careful to prevent those things from happening. Had to use half inch risers to give more clearance since it is a drop deck

Are you limiting your ERPM?

How have you managed to make this work, everyone is telling my if i use a 10s battery with dual 260kv motors and dual vesc, that the vesc would explode. now it seems possible to use this setup and can tell me how you did it.