Computer will not recognize VESC

Hello Esk8 community!

This is my first build and i’m running into a problem. The computer will not recognize my VESC. I have tried two cables so far and used it on a different computer with no luck.

Here is my set up 102sp battery(ownboard) connected to mboard power switch IN side via 12 awg wire with xt 60 connectors. Power switch is connected to torqueboard vesc via xt60 connectors. VESC connected to motor. It does power on. The power switch glows blue and the vesc flashes 3 blue lights

Any help would be appreciated as i really want to ride!

Thanks Guys!

When this happened to me it was the usb cable. Some cables are charge only and data lines are not connected, those will not work. I would just recommend trying different cables.

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Probably usb cable or drivers

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Look in your windows settings, maybe it’s just not auto detect or the drivers not installed

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i had the same problem after a bumpy ride i thought the usb cable had come loose so i tried another and it worked so i dont know what happened to the cable supplied with the vesk maybe the fragile connectors got bent or something with the vibrations. anyway try another cable see if that works.

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Hey guys,

I bought a new cable and still my computer does not recognize it. i also made sure the cable is able to transfer data. I also installed the stm32 driver. I don’t know if i installed it right… but do you guys have any links/tutorals for installing the correct driver?

Thanks guys

Windows 10?

Yes, i’m using windows 10. also tried it on mac and no luck either.

Maybe your micro usb broken on the vesc. If I understood right there is a way to connect to your vesc via uart port, but for this you need a stl link

You could also connect via Bluetooth and set up your vesc with the vesc app. For this you need a Bluetooth modul, but a Bluetooth module is never a bad idea to have.

a Bluetooth module would work with the diyelectricskateboard vesc?


Yes why not. You have one plug for CAN, one for sensor wires, one for your receiver and one for UART. The UART is where you connect your Bluetooth module.

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