CONCEPT: 3D printable enclosure with easy access to battery's for charging

Hi there,

I found some motivation and dedicated my entire day to designing an enclosure that is printable on most printers. Here are some screen caps as a proof of concept. Screencaps

If this is fully designed and tested i will upload the files. (if anyone is interested in them now, DM me. i will send some STEP files)

For the mounting of the 2 shell parts i will just use glue or epoxy. For the baseplate i will mount an aluminium plate to the bottom. This prevents the plastic getting damaged by the little rocks that smash against it while riding. I’m not sure how i will mount the aluminium, but i will come up with something.

The baseplate is removable from the shell using M5 Thumbscrews on 6 location along the structure. inside the shell are hexagon holes big enough to press fit a m5 Lock Nut in. this will ensure that the thumbscrews won’t come lose while riding. i left the front flat so if anyone wants to add a screen he or she is able to do so.

rough dimensions : Height 55mm , length 370, width 170. Everything is at least 5mm thick to ensure stiffness,

let me know what you think or how this may be improved!



Really cool design! The baseplate could also be printed?

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yes! its in 2 parts. you will need to add something like an aluminium plate to the bottom to keep it together. Otherwise it will break very easily.

The red is epoxy and the blue parts needs to be some kind of aluminium plate. still working on that part.

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Looks great, a reasonably compact design that you can use with standard lipo packs. I took my lipos cells and made flat packs out of them for my planter tray enclosure.

You might want to look into threaded inserts, maybe you can use those to hold the pieces together. Or use some small steel rods in the bottom parts.

I’m planning to revive my street board in the summer so i might dive into 3d printed enclosures again :smile:

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