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Concept: A VESC supplier minus the profits

Hey guys, how hard would it be to contract a 3rd party company to build VESC’s? the information is publicly available im sure some factory owning fat cat wouldnt mind building them on an assembly line.

This is a concept what do you guys think? i mean how hard could it possibly be? Again this is not for profit, im sure the prices will be around the $100 mark per esc but this way supply wont be as radical as it always has been. Is this the next step for VESC’s?

I have a couple companys i know of in china that may be able to point me in the right direction

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Id be intrested in this, as it seems like they are always on backorder everywhere. With a lage enough order i think this could work too.

Exactly. I don’t have figures or anything yet but I think people would have to buy a couple each.

I’d buy a couple. How many orders would we need? Broke as can be now but soooon

I’ve ordered bulk from china and usually they only ask for 100-200 pieces for a custom order

This is still a concept. I have yet to get any figures from company’s yet im just gauging interest. Im assuming we’d need at a good amount. at least a hundred or more

@barajabali I like this concept! Here’s a ready-to-go alternative to contracting with a new factory: Since we know @onloop is now producing VESC in larger volumnes, why not start with a group-buy from Enertion that gets everyone the discount price? If we rallied 100 buyers, we could get a bulk discount and get them for $70 each. I seriously doubt we could pull off a one-time custom order for that price. Also, we’d be supporting @onloop who has already put the time in to prepare a good relationship with a factory in the US and to do the initial QC for us. Not to mention, we have @onloop to thank for the forum platform!

I personally use an Enertion VESC and it has been rock-solid.

Here’s the pricing currently available on VESC through Enertion:


That’s a good idea. Kind of a loophole to his ordering process though… Not sure if he’ll ship to each person. Maybe we can have one person receive the entire order and have them ship it individually and charge for shipping costs

Also you have to remember that this concept to not to save money but to eliminate the gaps in ordering. So buying they enertion kind of defeats that purpose because we’ll have to wait still.

This platform was created by onloop but that does not mean we cannot buy others products. The vesc is not owned by enertion.

Thx @barajabali my thoughts below

-that is a good question, I figured we’d have to have them shipped to one person and then that person would distribute them to buyers. @onloop could weigh in on on this

-yes,we’ll still have to wait, but how is that different from waiting for a factory that you contract with directly? No matter where you order from there will be a gap during manufacturing; I was thinking that the delay might be shorter if we used a known entity that has made the VESC for a few runs already.

Yes, of course, I did not mean to imply otherwise. I think that most DIYers order from a wide range of suppliers and small companies. That is part of what makes it a great experience! It just seemed to me, in this case, that ordering from @onloop would be the most cost-effective way to get a good quality VESC in a group-buy.

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I’m all in for community projects, but honestly by the time we get enough people in on the deal, finish production, and get a VESC in everyone’s hands it will be so far down the line that you might as well have just bought from Enertion, Torqueboards, Chaka, or many of the others…

I mean the list goes on and on, and more players in the game means lower overall price and better availability.

So we have some nay sayers and we have some believers. All of the company’s youve listed above @cmatson have started out the same way. By contacting suppliers and getting the ball rolling. Im not saying that youll have a VESC at your front door tomorrow but maybe in a few months if you need one, you can just order it and itll come in a few days rather than months between orders.

@treenutter If stocks of VESC’s were kept on hand then future waiting times are eliminated. Also this is no for profit meaning cheaper prices for all.
Onloop maybe the best way to go for a one time order, but what about next month? or in 6 months? were not going to be able to scrape up 100 VESC’s everytime. If he can sell them for $70 each at 100 pcs then they must be cheaper than that (marginally) to create and sell.

And whats so terrible about adding another non profit supplier to the mix? controlled by E-boarders.

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@barajabali I only contact component suppliers, I still manufacture these gems myself. Be sure you work in some donations into the final cost for Vedder. :wink:


I was actually going to edit my post because yes you do do them yourself which puts you apart from the rest. And of course. im not trying to gain any money from this so donations can be as high as people are comfortable paying.

All good points @barajabali. I think there is some confusion caused by what we are calling your idea… when I think of a “group buy” effort, I think of a group of people pooling their collective interest in a product to negotiate a better price through a bulk order, just like we did recently with our 18650 group buy that @JLabs and @delta_19 set up.

It sounds like you are thinking of setting up a company that will manage a multi-order contract with manufacturers; but done in a not-for-profit manner. Sort of like an eskate cooperative (or a co-op as my grocery store is called).

So ya, if you want to start something new like that, I think it sounds cool! But it sounds like it is greater in scope and purpose than a “group buy,” which could be awesome!

The 18650 idea was actually my idea too. Delta just created the thread, jlabs organized it

Ill modify the thread title so it doesn’t sound like a group buy.

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Oh ha,my apologies that I failed to credit you @barajabali. It’s easy to lose track! I like that you’re thinking creatively about how to harness the power of the community!

Thank you sir! my goal is to make parts for these amazing machines much easier to get to and cheaper to buy!

Do you like the thread name? any suggestions on it?

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@barajabali I like it. You could even give it a subtitle like: “Let’s create an Esk8 Cooperative Manufacturing Effort”


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Im contacting companies to gauge interest. Cheap VESC’s for all is the plan. Imagine a world where you can buy a VESC for 60 bucks. thats a world i want to live in lol

Wish i could find a company who is familiar with ESC’s. Most of those companies are not in the U.S. Im looking for a U.S based company.