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Configure ESC X-CAR 120a with Arduino?

Hi, I’m going to describe my problem:

A few days ago my GT2B broke down (with Sparkle mod). I am from Argentina and unfortunately it is not so usual for my country to use control radios with a rechargeable battery like the Flysky GT2B. So I would have to replace it with one with AAA batteries adding weight and discomfort since I would not enter the Sparkle mod.

Buy 1 remote nano TorqueBoards 2.4ghz but when braking it does it very violently. If I try to brake again, only the reverse gear is activated. Brake only if I do not release the trigger. If I release it, the second time the reverse gear is activated. I know that I have to configure my ESC or easier to buy a VESC. But in my country the programmer card is not obtained and I already spent my budget to buy one of the two abroad. My longboard uses 1 ESC X-CAR 120a, does anyone know how to configure it using Arduino?

P.D: I am building the control of @twinsen since it is thinking to be used with ESC instead of VESC. But I’m afraid it will not work properly as the GT2B did because I can not configure the ESC.

Thank you very much!

You will need to configure the ESC to not use reverse gear, only brake. I think you can configure yours with the beeps. See the uploads section of See the diagram in the manual.

But be careful since it’s easy to make mistakes, also your esc might map the settings differently, so double check everything you change.