Configuring an esc

Ok so I don’t want to pay for a vesc as I believe they are to unstable and need more research into them. So I want to stick with an esc from a car. I currently run a goolrc 80a car esc but I can change most settings I need to with program card but I want some more features. I would like to get regenerative braking to try and make my battery last longer so my question is is it possible to program a esc to do this. Or is there a better esc out there that can be programmed to.

The only esc I know of that has regen braking is the Vesc. If you get a Vesc from Ollinboards, you won’t have to worry about dependability.

I second this. Admittedly, I’ve been using my Ollin VESC with the settings that it was shipped with for ~35 miles and everything has been fine. I’m using it with a 12s 190kv motor as well, so I’m pushing probably the absolute max it should and nothing has gone spectacularly wrong.

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