Configuring VESC?

I have a hobby king VESC, hardware 4.10, and I can’t find a (working) link to the recommended BLDC tool (except the enertion one which is specifically for the FOCBOX as I understand?). Can I use the new VESC tool ??

From what ive read the enertion one is just a link to the BLDC tool, its not specifically for one VESC or another.

You should be able to use the new enertion one (aka new one aka VESC Tool) just remember to pick the right hardware version when you flash the firmware.

I do agree it is hard to find the BLDC tool nowadays

The VESC tool has super easy wizards to help you setup the different important things, I used it to setup FOC just this morning.

I don’t think it would be a good idea to run FOC on a Hobby King 4.10 vesc though.


Thanks guys, think I’ll see how far I get with the VESC Tool as it seems to be what everything’s moving towards. If not I’ll try the enertion BLDC, just seem to remember reading somewhere it was specially for FOCBOX