Confirm or suggest corrections for my wiring setup please

eMBT: duel 6374 / 12s (2x6 series)

Do I need a fuse or anything else to protect the components?


self made wireless xt90 series connector. I think I did it correctly.

Fuse is always recommended, but not required if you’re willing to risk it. You may want to remove one of the red wires on the one of the BECs so you don’t provide double current to the receiver.

Whats the thing in between the switch and the receiver? Voltmeter? why does it have a ferrite ring and connect to the receiver?

Hey @Jinra, thanks for the input. That’s an SBEC. The ESC’s don’t have an integrated UBEC/SBEC, so I’ve removed both red power wires from them. The SBEC is the sole source of power to the receiver. The SBEC is soldered directly into the battery lines after the power switch. Does this make sense? *This is my first build and really appreciate the help!

gotcha, in that case you may want to attach a voltmeter or coulometer for battery life management.

PS. that’s a lot of xt-90s’s