Confused on parallel?

If I put 2x 5200mah 6s 10c lipos in parallel do I get theoretically 104A since it would be 10400mah 6s 10c lipo? Or since it’s in parallel do you only count one battery at a time? Sorry for most this is a very simple thing but I am bwry confused on parallel. Thanks

Yess, Thats right! But keep in mind that this is theoretically, and the C ratings on batteries are usually a little over-speced

Okay thank you I just needed to double chwxk before I order my batterys

Are these multistar packs you are considering?

Yes why???

Many people have found out that They dont really live up to the C ratings they are presented with. Is it lots of hills where you live? Are you going single or dual?

Dual, quite hilly. I do not need 104A it’s alot over kill. Will I atleast get 60A?

Hard to tell, as I’ve never owned a multistar myself… But you might consider some higer C batteries, even If the batteries can provide enought amps, they will have lots of voltage sag.

I’m on a budget and they’re 17€ off each so should I buy em?

As they were so cheap now I would say yes, but remember that you will Get some voltage sag. If you wanna lower this voltage sag, you can buy a third battery too. That way you will also Get some more range, but its up to you

Well then I’d go up in dell’s wouldn’t I?

Or do u mean 3x in parallel

3 i parallel

Might do that in the future

I wouldn’t suggest adding the third one at a later date. It’s usually not a good idea to mix new and old batteries

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