Confused with Enertion's (Caliber) Trucks

I just got my motor, pulleys, mount and trucks from Enertion / @onloop. But I’m slightly confused with the different truck size, they are not the same.

Which one would the motor go on, the one with the longer axle (short hanger) or the shorter axle (long hanger)?

I’m building a single motor board, so one of the rear wheels has no pulley, that doesn’t seem to fit well…on the short axle truck, the nut barely secures is. On the long axle, the nut is tightened, but the wheel is not secure at all. What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Pictures please! I haven’t used Enertion’s trucks, but I’d assume one of the trucks comes with 2 long axles and the the other trucks come with regular axle?

I guess slap on an extra bearing for the shortened trucks. That should offset it somehow!

the motors go on the truck with the longer axles because the pulleys have a bearing on them that fits on. if you are only making single motor you may need to throw a spacer in.

I would think the other way around… wheel + pulleys are wider so shorter axle ?

shorter hanger, longer axles.

wheel and pulleys go on the longer axle since the longer axle has additional length to accommodate the extra bearing from the pulley.

okay, mixed up the hanger term with axle… nvm ! :smiley: delete my post so it doesn’t get more confusing for the threadowner lol

Thanks for your input everyone. Never thought to just use an extra bearing to make the other wheel fit. Problem solved I think.

i would recommend an extra bearings spacer, you should have been sent an extra one… but sometimes my staff make mistakes.

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