Confusion with Pneumatic wheels and truck compatibility

First post and first build, I’ve read every guide I can possibly find, but I’m still a bit confused. My intention is to build a board with Pneumatic wheels, with trucks that do NOT have springs. I’m leaning toward bergmeister or trampa wheels so I can stay under 7" but I’m not set on those brands. I have a meepoV2, but I’m otherwise a novice with skateboards so…as the title says, I’m quite confused with: what wheels to get, what trucks are compatible with what wheels, are pulleys unique to each different wheel, will I need extra accessories or bearing adapters for compatibility?

I’m tempted to get a prebuilt drive-train, but they choices seem to be either cheap price & quality, or VERY high price & quality

Maybe someone could suggest a Wheels/Trucks/pulley systems that will just work together out of the box? I’d prefer to avoid adapters and I’m not gonna use a hacksaw to remove part of the trucks, like I saw in some guides and videos.

If you are looking for a tried and true pneumatic wheel set that can work with most any standard skateboard truck take a look at the Six shooters from Psycotiller. They come with pulleys attached and are 6" in size.

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Kahua trucks, TB 218 truck, Fat Daddy 230s, surf rodz… no no, sorry. HeXL trucks…

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Yes HeXL trucks!!! Also from Psycotiller

Thank you. Good suggestion, Six shooters seem pretty solid since they come with the pulleys and are highly praised, I just wish there were color options. I see there is an option for 60t pulleys vs 42t pulleys…not sure what to choose, does the “t” stand for teeth? Is it determined by the pulley mount that is attached to my motor? Thanks!

Yes the t stands for teeth. I run 6 shooters with a 16tooth pinion and 60 tooth wheel pulleys with a 10s5p battery and dual 6880 motors and run about 29mph. I weigh 200 pounds and can go uphill just as fast with no real slowing. The 42t pulley would give me a bit more topend speed but I would sacrifice some torque to do it.

Color isn’t hard to achieve. image


Can recommend @riverside.rider bergmeister/haggy drive train. I was in your shoes confused as fuck! Theres a kit that comes all assembled and everything fits together like a glove. CS is the best out there. Good price + excellent quality. The bergmeisters individually also fit on any trucks (need to get your own pulley though)

I’ve also heard nothing but good stuff about psychotiller six shooters (fits on any trucks right out of the box) and heXL or surfrodz trucks.

I think janux or one of the vendors (I forgot the name) also sells complete drive trains. Looks amazing & high quality parts. Won’t go wrong with any of those options.

EDIT: it is Janux Esk8!


youll want wide trucks like 218mm like people mentioned…i went with a budget setup similar to dickhos for around 100… i weight 140 so i rock 20/60 on a 12s with plenty of torque and speed…if youre heavier maybe 15/60 to 18/60…buy some extra motor pulleys as its funs to expermient and helps you understand… if your heavy and have tons of hills then maybe a 72T pulley…

I want to try 8" next but havent found info on a good spacer to gap the 10mm ID of the bearing to fit on a 8mm axle =/

as mentioned @dickyho has a turn key setup with pulleys… bwlow is for reference before he came out with his set