Congrats Enertion

Hi guys Last year I had some trouble getting my Black Friday order from enertion boards. It took a little over 6 months to get 2 focbox and a nano. A simple order for my first ever eboard project. I was a little upset, as you would expect, but what impressed me the most was being immediately “shushed” when I tried to bring the matter to discussion here at this forum. Well, this year I decided to give it another try… All I can say is that it went nothing less than perfect!!! Order posted on the 23 Nov Package received on the 3 December
(I live in Portugal btw) Roughly 5 to 6 business days in one of the most busiest times of the year for freight companies. I’m impressed, I must say. Looks like Enertion Boards finally manage to figure it out. Congrats I’m assuming this post won’t be red flagged as last year’s :grin:


*on this particular order this time

Enertion are definitely getting ahead of the orders, nothing is perfect in this emerging industry though. Especially because it’s pretty tiny.


Good to hear they’re getting stuff out, but the backlog on other stuff is just ridic (1 year old raptor orders still waiting)

I also already received the 2 Focboxes I order during BF (I live in France). @onloop told us several times they had them in stock , it was true ! Thank you and the whistle is funny :wink:

I also received mine to UK from BF - I did not expect them this quick and was happy to be waiting until the new year, turned out the FIRST out of UK BF item I bought to arrive!

EDIT: also got an unexpected whistle thing, would never have bought one but since its here I might try it lol

I may or may not have ordered some parts from another seller with the same destination country :thinking: But I’m waiting for USPS to pick up their slack (tracking hasn’t updated in the last 4 days) My quesiton is, did it stop in customs?

how much was the tax?

What is this click bait title :sleeping::sleeping:


none at all - was 4xfocs and a remote, must admit I was expecting to have to pay something

So you got what you ordered, but still found it necessary to take a dig at Enertion?


It’s good to hear and see that enterion is fulfilling orders. Gives me hope. Hearing this more and more.

Agreed, good to see things went well for you but you don’t need to point out historical mistakes if things are all good now. I’m sure we’ve all made mistakes in the past we’re not proud of and would much rather be judged on our current state of character.


@hoeksame1 :wink:

I was wondering the same thing…

When people see the word “truth” they gonna assume something bad is gonna be exposed, why? That’s just half of what this post is about. The OP did say the “truth” - that is what he/she experienced with Enertion - both positive and negative. I don’t see the need to be so sensitive and then somehow steer the discussion to that forbidden topic :confused:

I’m waiting for Focbox Unity for a few months …

What… how? Everyone’s been waiting for it to release for months.

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man man man. we orderd some wheels in JUNE. they keep saying they shipped it, next day they tell us, we dont have any stock anymore… they keep making excuses. its december now… for some freaking wheels@! and in mean time, people getting their raptor 2.1 and rspec drive kits, wich both include the wheels we orderd

sorry little triggerd.

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I bought in preorder on October 8.

Key word. Preorder. It literally just launched days ago…

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