Connect bluetooth LE UART dongle and nunchuck receiver at the same time?

I am running 2x VESC 4.10 and i have a Nunchuck receiver plugged into the P3 port. I have ordered a bluetooth dongle to interface with the Android app and it states in the instructions that it should also plug into the P3 port.

Can I use the P2 port? Or can I use the UART P3 port on the slave VESC and CAN FWD the bluetooth configuration commands to the master VESC? Any other ideas would be great.

if you have 2 VESC you can put the nunchuck on one and the bluetooth on the other.

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Accurate. I don’t know if many of the apps out there forward configurations onto the master VESC, but unless you’re changing major settings, I don’t think it’ll be much of a problem.

I intend to have as much control over settings as possible. It would be ashame if all I can do is monitor, that’s not much use

You could change max ERPM configuration on one VESC and it will essentially keep the other in line, but changing things like motor parameters on one and not the other is going to cause you problems.

On the app side of things, it is possible to have the app send the configuration to both VESCs, I just don’t know of any app that has implemented it.

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So using bluetooth to configure the vesc is only useful for single motor setups?

Phone apps via Bluetooth I mean

you should be able initially setup VESC ID’s and then select each one and configure separately. you might be limited by the software though… it should be possible.

AFAIK @Ackmaniac’s firmware can do this

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You should do all the initial confirmation in BLDC Tool (where you can set the can-bus IDs). And it is possible for an app to configure both VESCs over Bluetooth using the UART of one of them, I’m just not aware of any app that has implemented it.

REALLY?! I’ve been following his work. He’s done an amazing job, but I haven’t implemented it because of the android only app right now so I wasn’t aware of that.