Connect using transformer instead of a battery

I am selling to my acquaintance my Torqueboards 5055 280kv engine compilation + 1 ESC X-car 120A + 1 TorqueBoards nano 2.4GHZ remote control. He wants to try it before to know that everything works fine since a few months ago I stopped using it. I don’t have the battery anymore because I sold them. I used 2 LiPo 3s of 5000mAh in series.

He wants to test the compilation with the following transformer (by cutting the connection tab and splicing)

The X-Car ESC I know that works up to 6s of LiPo. My question is whether using that transformer would work at least so that he can see that everything starts and that the motor turns? Is there any risk?

The esc will turn on. Problem is as soon as you’ll apply throttle with the remote, the esc will ask amps that power supply can’t give. Result: the esc will reboot. From there, it’s a risk of corrupting the files in the system of the esc. short answer : it will turn on but dont use it to give power to the motors

Perfect, then I just plug in and turn on but without operating the throttle. That way there is no risk?

Exactly. When I received my esc I tested it using a 12v power supply

The X-Car esc figure that accepts up to 6s LiPo, that is 22V. The transformer indicates that it reaches 20 and 24V. Is the selection automatic?

I am not sure how that one reacts as I dont know that power supply. But you can use any power supply (up to the limit of the esc ofcourse) In example: I used the power supply from an old internet dlink router

Perfect, we’ll try then! Thanks for the help :slight_smile: