Connecting a Brushed Motor to Vesc

I have a brushed DC motor (with 2 wires) which I would like to connect to a VESC (with three wires for motor). After doing some research I discovered that the VESC does support DC motors, however, I was unable to figure out how to connect the brushed motor to the VESC. Can anyone, give step by step instructions on how to connect the motor to the VESC and how configure the Brushed DC motor using the BLDC tool.

Note: The BLDC tool has a tab for DC motors. Is that what you use to configure the VESC. Also I am using 2 DEWALT 20V MAX* Compact XR Lithium Ion Battery Pack- so is it possible for you guys to tell how to configure the Motor for that battery setup.

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I am sorry but VESC is build for brushless motor only, it can’t be used for brushed motor. For brushed motor ESC you can try to use Personally I havent got any experience building esk8 with brushed motor.

However, when I tried to connect the brushed DC motor to the VESC it ran for 2 seconds then stopped. Doesn’t this mean that it can run the brushed DC Motor at the correct setting? This was on FOC settings.

As I remembered properly, Benjamin stated by himself that VESC are not meant for brushed motor. Brushed motor doesn’t need ESC anyway. Just hook up voltage potentiometer and you have speed control in there.

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I’m with you, I thought that’s what DC meant…so what does it mean?

The thing is we are making a scooter and it already has a brushed DC motor mounted so we would prefer not to take of the motor and mount a brushless one. Here are some images that led me to believe that connecting a brushed dc motor is possible to the VESC.

My guess is that, as a lot of other features, BLDC tool has the option to be select, but that is not actually implemented on the firmware, take motor temperature limits, on the hardware side it has everything ready, but not working on the current firmware

Looking through the firmware on github, there’s definitely something implemented. Still looking through it to see if it does what you need it to.

Thank you any help will be very much appreciated!

Sorry I might be wrong. I believe previously it wasn’t supported, maybe now it does. But I would like to see brushed motor working with VESC as well.

Could you please post your VESC configuration and also state what VESC version you have.

I am unable to post that information until Monday as this is a school project and I will not have access to the VESC until Monday. But here is a picture of the exact VESC I have so you might be able to tell. Furthermore, the VESC is not configured because of the whole brushed, brushless situation, however, I have given info on the battery we are using so if you might be able to tell me the best configuration for the VESC,

that will be very much appreciated.

VESC supports brushed DC motors just fine. In addition, Benjamin has several videos of brushed DC motors online:


Could it be possible for you to explain how to setup the VESC with the brushed DC motor. A step by step instructions guide would be nice.

There is not much to tell: connect to the VESC using BLDC_Tool, select DC (instead of BLDC or FOC) in the most left tab. Then connect the first and third power cables (leave middle one open). Make sure the voltage going into the VESC doesn’t exceed your DC motor voltage.

I just tried it with a brushed DC motor (12Volt) and it works just fine.


What do you mean by this?

There are three wires coming out of the vesc on the middle side. Just use the side ones and not the middle to connect the motor. Not sure if polarity matters though.

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Thank you everybody for your help, the VESC is now working with the motor.



I suspect I will have the same problem: I want to change my AT big skate from lead to Li-ion battery, and I believe I have a brushed motor on it. I have just ordered a 10S4P and a VESC, and I am glad to see it is possible to make it work. Was it difficult to do the set-up with the VESC?

And with regard to erwincoumans remark above

my motor says 36V so do I need to limit the output of my battery through the VESC as it will be slightly above that limit?

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I know its been awhile on this post but I want to know as well. “my motor says 36V so do I need to limit the output of my battery through the VESC as it will be slightly above that limit?” @lox897 @erwincoumans @msthg5000

You will be fine, what overheat a motor is the current

Of course in brushed motors too much voltage can damage/destroy the brushes, but no a bit more than the rated