Connecting a Rapsberry Pi with VESC?

Is it Possible to install Bldc on a raspberry pi (zero) and connect it to the vesc while riding? It would be awesome to test a few configurations without going everytime inside to my computer. I also have a 5 inch lcd for it.

It is definitively possible! You can even leave the raspberry pi in the VESC to log data and such stuff. But IMO a raspberry pi is way overkilled but simple to use. Do it for science!

I rly want to try this. but i have to figure out how to install everything on the raspberry.

Interesting idea. I’m in the process of getting my pi hooked up to my 3d printer so I’m sure something could be done with say a Raspberry Pi Zero for esk8 use. If only my linux skills were anything more than terrible :frowning:

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Okay, power was no problem.

What are you going to do for a keyboard and mouse? It would be nice to have vnc linked to the cellphone and program it there

The lcd has a touchscreen :wink:

I guess that bldc tool will not be very usable at that resolution (the qt UI doesn’t scale, fixed height and width) unless you can use a bigger resolution and do some pan-ning around the screen. Another option would be to carry a bag with a laptop/netbook and use a male to female usb extension that sticks out of your enclosure so you can stop, plug, write config and go.

Or maybe you can use sth like TeamViewer and stream the screen to your phone Ooor you wait till the bldc app is finished

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wow i didnt know that there will come a bldc app :slight_smile: Okay then i can use my for something else. Do you know when the bldc app release?

No but it will probably take some time… @jacobbloy is your man :wink:

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