Connecting Battery to VESC

This is a first time build and I am going to buy the VESC from here and 2 5000mah 3s batteries I just wanted to know how would i connect these batteries in series and then to the VESC? What connectors will I need? Any helps appreciated, Thanks

Batteries in series: for example

I use XT 60 to connect the batt to the vesc. Be careful with sparks so you should use an antispark loopkey or a antispark switch. It’s easy to find this in this forum.

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So i could connect the bullet connectors to the xt 60? I am planning on buying an easy off/on switch with anti-spark

you have to solder the wires to the xt 60. Female for batt and male for vesc.

There are some series connectors with 4mm bullet connectors, but for your check your VESC to see the power connector. If it requires XT60, do what @yaca said. If you don’t have access to a soldering iron, they sell 4mm bullet to XT60 adapters at most hardware stores and online.

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Ah okay I see thank you guys @Esrapp21 and @yaca

I bought the same battery’s and vescs for a dual motor set up I’m making for a school project I was wondering if you could help out because I’m not 100% sure how to set this up on the BLDC seems like someonething isn’t working and I can’t figure out what it is.

Can you post some pictures? What you already set up and how? Maybe you made some diagrams after which you wired everything up. That you could post too. Would help a lot to find out what’s wrong on your project

image I have the battery’s attaches to a series connector then to both VESCs which are parallel then the motors are attached to the vesc with a adapter to take it from 4 mm bullet to a 5.5 mm bullet. The VESCs are attached using a can bus connection and the remote receiver is attached using a male to male servo plug