Connecting ESC + Reciever

Hi, I bought a used deck + ESC from Willhaben. It arrived yesterday but when I wanted to try the ESC I ran in to a problem. There is no lable on the ESC and ig. nothing is ‘usefully’ labeled. I figured out how to turn it on and everything but I don’t know where to connect my reciever signal wire. There is a 8 Pin flat cable on the ESC which leads to the small also unlabled board (see pictures), what the heck is this board for?

Please respond if you know what model this ESC is or if you know where I should connect the reciever signal wire to. Thanks in advance!

This is my first time seeing that… it doesn’t look like an esc… but this might not be the whole photo of it. I see some wires on the side.

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I’ll upload some photos tomorrow, but thanks

Update: the blue, green and yellow wires on the side are going to a MT30 connector on each side which is clearly for the Motors. The two wires soldered to the ESC (+5V and GND) are the power wires for the reciever which I soldered there after receiving the ESC. Reciever powers up normally and connects to the remote control. Only wire left is the yellow signal wire from the reciever.

I do think it should be connected to the SIM labelled contact between 5V and GND but I don’t wana damage my ESC so any help is kindly appreciated.

Best regards, Florian

Some more photos of the ESC:

For remote, the esc should have a 3 pin connector that says 5v, gnd and either S or servo. If you can find that one, you’ll have your remote.

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Sadly there isn’t any 3 Pin connector on the ESC :confused:

I would suggest a new esc.

This is definitely the radio receiver.

These are the ESCs.

What is the name of the board? It’s likely to be a proprietary remote.

Also, used boards that are missing remotes (and chargers often) are almost always suspected to be stolen property.

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I couldn’t find any information about this board, doesn’t seem to be available anywhere online. I’ve been looking for boards since years and never came across this Model :thinking:

I don’t think it’s stolen property, at least I hope so. The guy i brought it from seemed pretty legit. Furthermore it was just the board + the dual ESC. No wheels, no battery pack and no BMS.

I measured the reciever module and it seems that there is no voltage anywhere on it so i think it should be solved by just buying a new cable.

Just wondering: Has anybody here ever seen a ESC with those flat kind cables (idk how they are actually called) connected to a reciever board?

Thank you a lot!