Connecting LiPo pouch cells


so I got more then enough LiPo pouch cells and want to make a 10S2P pack. After trying to solder them - which failed miserably I´m looking for another way to connect them. A spot welder seems to be more expensive then buying a ready battery pack. Did someone try a mechanical connection?


aluminum solder

With an 80W soldering iron?

i dont know as I’ve never used aluminum solder but 80 watts, if i’m correctly remembering, is good and high. if you search there’s people who’ve done it. mine’s 80 watt and is definitely good for lead solder and up to 10 gauge wire so the tabs with the right solder should be good.

I can´t solder the other tab either so I assume the power is not high enough…

Anyone got experience in soldering lipos?

Aluminum solder= solder made for aluminum

I’ve soldered tabs and it is very hard without the right solder. Get the aluminum intended stuff

I was able to solder some lipo with a 40w iron, a huge tip and regular lead free rosin core…

what went wrong? are they fresh lipo packs/tabs? how much soldering experience do you have?

Check my thread on how I made my lipo packs slimmer, I linked some flux core aluminum solder which I used successfully on a 60w iron. It comes in a green spool, purchased on Amazon US

The solder wasn´t sticking to the tabs even after sanding them. Not entirely fresh. Quite a lot experience in soldering normal connections and SMD PCBs so this shouldn´t be a problem.

Thanks for the hint! Ordered some aluminium solder and will give this a try.