Connecting Ollinboardco motor to DIY motor mount

So I messed up… I bought a 200 kV ollinboardco motor, which has smaller screw spacing than the v4 DIY electric skateboard mount. I realized this after the parts arrived, and was going to attempt the build using only two screws (as opposed to four). However, after finishing all electronics today, after many months of waiting on all the parts, I have a belt that keeps jumping because I cannot get enough tension because of the incorrect spacing. Any suggestions on a solution? ThanksUploading… Uploading…

The pictures haven’t uploaded, but there is really nothing that can be done at the moment. Sometimes patience is a virtue. It sucks, most of the people on this forum have been there. You will benefit in the long run by just buying a new motor mount with an X pattern.

Yeah go buy @ekitesurfer Enertion mount…he’s not using it