Connecting VESC to BLDC tool (or new VESC tool) via Bluetooth on a Mac - possible?

It’s really annoying having to open up my board every time I wanna program my VESCs and connect them to my computer via USB.

I know you can run a BT module to connect to a phone app, but is it possible to connect via Bluetooth to the BLDC tool (or new VESC tool) on a Mac or PC?

I wanna be able to do everything the desktop tools can do (including motor detection, etc), not just the limited functionality of the phone apps.

Is this possible?

Nope, too much data loss. Get a USB Panel Adaptor and install it in your enclosure.

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Unfortunately, not enough room inside the enclosure for the extra connectors to do that :frowning:

So, am I out of luck then?

You could solder an extension usb cable to the USB pins on the vesc, just make sure to keep it tucked away/sealed. Cut it and solder the wires coming from the female end

I really miss @ackmaniac firmware with bluetooth connectivity via HM-10