Connecting VESCX to Motors? How?

I just got my VESCx (total newbie here) it doesn’t seem to have come with the connectors I see in other VESC that allow me to connect it to the motors. My motor should be in tomorrow and maybe it will just work, but if I need to order something else I’d rather do it now :slight_smile: Thanks.

You will need to solder some bullet connectors to connect to your motor. Most local hobby shops carry these.

Thanks for the quick reply, you wouldn’t happen to know of a tutorial that shows you how to do that would you?

No problem. There’s tons of videos on YouTube. They’re all pretty much the same. You’ll just need to find out what size bullet connectors come with the motors you have.

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Why you recieved them before me unfair :frowning: u need 5.5 bullet connectors. Genrally you get them with the motors.

Y’all are awesome, thanks for all the info! I ordered on the 23rd of December. Hope you get yours soon.

Damn. I ordered mine back in the middle of November! I really hope I get mine soon.

Did you receive a tracking number ?

I got an email from enertion before it shipped with a tracking number and all that.

Damn I ordered them in July bro ! Hope i ll get them soon

July!!! They weren’t event release utils Mid October !!!

I ordered mine in early October and got it today, no notification or tracking number before shipment.

Are you in the US @Stefan? Which carrier did they ship to you with?

Sorry, didn’t mention that. I am in Germany and it came via DHL.

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